Best Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus (2018.6 Update: This Post Is Now Automatically Updated In Real Time)

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Credit Card sign-up bonuses may be the best way to get a great amount of miles / points in a short period. Some credit cards even offer sign-up bonuses that are enough for a round-the-world ticket! Together with Best Rewards Credit Cards that earn you lots of miles/points through everyday purchases, you will soon be amazed how many free flights/free nights you could have simply by using credit cards properly. Keep in mind that most credit cards that come with a high sign-up bonus also have an annual fee (although many of them are waived for the first year), and whether you should keep them for long depends on your personal situation. For our opinions, please click the link of each card and read our review. Also, some of the cards below have requirements for credit score or history. See our reviews for detailed information. Historical Offers Charts are beside every card, they can help you decide whether or not you should apply for a card immediately.

Note that, in this post, we assume you keep these cards for only ONE year. After the first year, you may not earn more than the annual fee, but you can choose to downgrade them to no fee cards (recommended) or just cancel them (not recommended). The first year value is calculated by the following formula: sign-up bonus plus all kinds of credit you can get in the first 12 months, minus the first year annual fee (if now waived).

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