Synchrony Cathay Pacific Credit Card Review (2018.9 Update: 40k Offer)

Cathay Pacific (CX) Visa Signature Card Review 2018.9 Update: The new offer is 40k, and it expires on 2018.10.31. 2018.4 Update: The new offer is 35k + 25k, first year annual fee not waived any more. Offer expires on 2018.06.30. But the spending requirement for the 25k part is too much, I don’t think it is worth spending. Application Link Synchrony…
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Synchrony PayPal Cashback MasterCard Review (2017.10 Update: 2% Cashback + No FTF!)

PayPal Cashback MasterCard Review 2017.10 Update: This card will have no FTF soon! The purchases after 2017.10.31 will have no FTF. This card is the only no fee 2% cashback card that has no FTF! Here’s a screenshot. Application Link Synchrony PayPal Cashback Credit Card Benefits Earn 2% cash back on everything. Redeem your Cash Rewards when you want them….
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