Chase Summaries

Chase 5/24 Rule and Its Solution (Updated 2016.9)

2015.11.18 Updated: You can bypass the 5/24 rule if you get the in branch pre-qualify offer, or a mail offer with RSVP code! Details are in the following post. If you are a credit card lover, you must know that Chase used to be a typical bank which is hard to get the first credit card, but quite easy after the first success of approval. Its…
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How to Avoid Chase Closing All Your Accounts

Previously, we introduced the risk monitoring method by AmEx: Financial Review (FR), of which many churners are wary of. Today we are going to tell something more nightmare-inducing: Chase may close all your credit card accounts!! A-L-L credit card accounts! We write not to scare you, but instead to help you find the right way to establish a good relationship with banks!…
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Chase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (2015.6 Updated)

I. About Credit Card Application: 1. Is there a limitation for the number (or credit limit) in Chase cards? Generally, there is no limitation of the number of card. But there is a limitation for everyone’s total credit limit in Chase. A common reason for applicants being rejected lies in excessing the total credit limit. If so, you could transfer…
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