Chase Summaries

Chase Ink Preferred Referrals Now Available! 20k UR per referral!

The Chase Ink Preferred business card is now available for participation in the Chase Refer-A-Friend program. The referrer will receive 20,000 Ultimate Reward (UR) points per referral up to 100,000 UR per year. The referred will receive the standard public offer of 80,000 UR after spending $5,000 in 90 days. To generate referrals for an eligible Chase account, click here. Once you…
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How to Avoid Chase Closing All Your Accounts

Previously, we introduced the risk monitoring method by AmEx: Financial Review (FR), of which many churners are wary of. Today we are going to tell something more nightmare-inducing: Chase may close all your credit card accounts!! A-L-L credit card accounts! We write not to scare you, but instead to help you find the right way to establish a good relationship with banks!…
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