Discover it Credit Card (2015.11 Updated: Up To 10% Cash Back First Year)

Discover it Credit Card Review Application Link: Discover it. Through this link, you might see the application page for either Discover it or Discover it for Students. Actually these two are equivalent: no matter which application page do you use, if you choose “College Student” as employ status, you will get Discover it for Students; if you choose other employ status,…
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Discover it Miles Credit Card (2015.9 Updated: 3% Everything First Year)

Discover it Miles Credit Card Review Application Link:  Discover It Miles Features: New Benefits! If you pay via Discover + Apple Pay to make in-store purchases, you will get extra 10% cashback! Combined with the double cash back promotion, you will get 22% or 30% cashback in total! See this post for details. Earn 1.5 Miles per $1 spent on all purchases. 1…
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