Wings of the Points — UR/TYP/MR/SPG/Marriott Points to Miles Transfer Chart (2017.8 Update: Added TYP->TK)

2017.8 Update: Citi TYP added a new transfer partner: Turkish Airlines (TK) (Star Alliance), and the transfer ratio is 1:1.


  • Move your mouse over the point name or airline name to highlight transfer relationships.
  • Move your mouse over any line connecting a point and a mile to see the transfer ratio.
  • The airlines are grouped by alliances.
  • You can use ctrl+F (or cmd+F) to quickly find an airline.


  • The transfer ratio of SPG has already considered the 5,000 bonus Starpoints for every 20,000 you transfer at a time.
  • The transfer ratio of Marriott requires a minimum of 70,000 Marriott Rewards points at a time (56,000 for UA). If you did not have enough Marriott Reward points, the actual transfer ratio would be lower. (See here for more information.)
  • In order to make this post easy to find, I’ve added it to the menu. In the menu, click Points and Miles -> Points and Miles Transfer Chart and here you go~

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  • GW Alum

    Jetblue transfers from Citi as well

    • Thanks, I’ve messaged the author and he’ll modify it soon.

    • Updated

  • Andrew


  • lrdxgm

    The airlines Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels, Swiss, Eurowings, LOT, Adria, Croatia, Condor all have a single program, Miles and More. If you transfer miles to “Lufthansa”, you are actually transferring to M&M, and you can use them directly at any of these airlines, so it does not make sense to list all airlines separately.

    Similarly, Flying Blue is the combined program of Air France, KLM, Kenya Airways, TAROM, Aircalin, HOP!, and Transavia. (btw, Air France and KLM is one single company, like Alaska and Virgin)

  • ktenorman

    While I would love if Alaska were a MR transfer partner, I believe it is only SPG/Marriott, not MR.

    • Yeah I noticed this mistake as well, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    • fixed

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  • Art Czar

    For all practical (transfer) purposes SPG & Marriott should have the same transfer partners, given that (for now) one transfer points between the 2 programs. @Irdxgm is correct in that airlines with a common program need to be identified as such, and preferably grouped together (rather than alphabetically).
    Cool chart all the same – thx

    • Marriott and SPG have different transfer partners for now, though they can be converted back and forth. Yes the advice about common program is nice, but I don’t really know how to show this kind of relationship on the chart and avoid confusion at the same time…

      • lrdxgm

        Can you create multiline entries on the side columns? So when you mouse over to Air France, all 7 airlines are highlighted – maybe add a short note at the end of the post.

  • This is wonderful! Thank for very much, @physixfan:disqus, for your work.

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  • eli104

    Amazing, Fantastic, Unbelievable, Just woW! But…any chance for the same for Hotel points? 😀

    • Thanks! Hotel is much simpler: UR -> Hyatt is probably the only good way to transfer points.

      • eli104

        Not sure what you mean? I’m talking about to transfers from the big credit cards, a quick reference.

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