Credit Card Companions

Plastiq – Pay Bills With a Credit Card (2017.8 Update: CIP still earns 3x UR)

2017.8 Update: Using a Chase Ink Preferred to pay certain bills with Plastiq is still coding to earn 3x UR. The example below is from a car payment; however, reports on Reddit indicate this is still working for scheduled rent/mortgage payments as well. YMMV. Despite some recent changes in what codes as 3x, Plastiq can still be a great tool for meeting minimum spend requirements. Introduction…
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A Quick Guide to MileagePlus X (MPX) (and why I still use em)

Introduction MileagePlus X (MPX) is an app that allows you to earn extra United Airlines miles for shopping with one of their listed partners. The app’s been out for a while but it doesn’t get much discussion. No surprises there, since it doesn’t look like United cares too much about this app either. The UI for iOS devices are still…
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Radpad — Pay Rent With a Credit Card (2017.4 Update: Apple/Android Pay No Longer Count As Travel)

2017.4 Update: Recent data points imply that, starting from Apr 21, 2017, Radpad + Apple Pay / Android Pay no longer counts as travel purchases, and thus no longer earns 3x points on CSR/Prestige. Data points: 1, 2, 3. If you still want to potentially earn 3x UR on Rent, check out Plastiq. Introduction RadPad is primarily a residential rental finder website/app…
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Introduction to Amex Offers

Introduction Amex Offers is a very lucrative discount program for Amex cardholders that provides bonus Membership Rewards (MR) points or cashback in the form of statement credits for shopping at particular merchants. Eligibility The following account types are eligible to register for Amex offers: Amex-issued personal credit and charge card accounts Amex-issued business credit and charge card accounts Authorized user accounts,…
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AwardHacker: The Best Award Flight Search Engine! (v1.2: added support for Southwest/Virgin America miles)

Those of us who have been doing this long enough have found that it is easy to earn points but very difficult to use them. I believe many of us here have already accumulated millions of points and miles. However, it is really not straight forward to burn all these points with decent value. Although there are a lot of airline miles guides in…
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The Redbird is Dead

According to the data points from FlyerTalk and Reddit, from 2015.10.12, the Redbird can only be fed with cash. Redbird, died at the age of 13 months, R.I.P. For the people who keep Redbird as your pet, you need to consider change product. Note that you need to wait all transactions to be settled before changing.