Chase 5/24 Rule and Its Solution (2017.4 Updated)


Chase is one of our favorite banks: its credit cards offer great sign-up bonuses and benefits. I believe many people are eager to get another Chase card. However, since 2015.5, Chase suddenly tightened its approval rule: if you have 5 or more new credit card accounts in the past 24 months, you will get rejected directly, no matter how good your credit score is. This policy is called 5/24 rule. Note that many bankers even don’t know this policy, and our readers have many data points that they are screwed by ignorant bankers. So before applying for a Chase credit card, you really need to learn about the exact meaning and the solution of the 5/24 rule by yourself.

I. Which cards are affected by the 5/24 rule?

II. Which cards are NOT affected by the 5/24 rule?

III. What is the exact meaning of 5 new accounts?

  • The new accounts include ALL the credit cards appeared in your credit report. Credit cards issued by other banks are included, charge cards are also included. They don’t only count Chase cards!
  • The new account that hasn’t been added to your credit report does not count. Absolutely, Chase can’t see the unreported new card even if it pulls your credit report. For example, AmEx new accounts are usually reported to credit bureaus after 2 statements. So if you keep more than 5 new cards while those extra cards haven’t been reported, you should hurry up and apply. But this doesn’t work for the new cards approved by Chase itself, since Chase can trace your new card in their internal system. Also note that Barclaycard will report the new account as soon as you get approved.
  • The closed cards, if they are opened within 24 months, also count.
  • Authorized user counts toward the 5 new accounts limit. That is very ridiculous, generally speaking authorized user only can make purchases with the card without assuming payment liability, but Chase do count this as a new account. Sometimes adding an authorized user does not need SSN, but the credit bureau is still able to locate you based on the name, birthday and other information, and add the information of authorized user to your credit report. So if someone has added you as authorized user, remember to check your credit report before applying for a new card of Chase. If you get a rejection, when calling reconsider line, you can ask the Customer Service Representative to drop the accounts which you only are an authorized user when counting the number.
  • The store credit cards are highly excluded from the definition of credit card account here, because they are labeled differently in the credit report.
  • Exact definition of 24 months: Chase won’t tell us how they count months, so we can only guess based on data points. The data points on DoC show that, the 24 months are calendar months. For example, let’s assume a simple situation: if I got 5 cards on Jan 20, 2015, and no new accounts thereafter. Then I’ll be under 5/24 on Feb 1, 2017. I don’t need to wait until Feb 21, 2017 to get approved!

IV. The ways to bypass the 5/24 rule

  • Online “Selected For You” can bypass the 5/24 rule.
  • In branch pre-approved offer can bypass the 5/24 rule. Note that online pre-approvals don’t work. Before your application in branch, let the banker search for pre-qualified offer for you, if you get the pre-qualified offer, you have to use that link to apply!
  • A mail offer with a RSVP code can bypass the 5/24 rule. 
  • If you have exactly 5 new accounts, you may or may not get rejected. Some people in 4/24 also tried to apply for 2 Chase cards in one day, and some people was successful. Of course, it depends on how good your credit history is.
  • CPCs used to be able to bypass the 5/24 rule, but it seems to be no longer working now.

V. Based on all these information, our recommended strategies are

  • For newbies, apply for the cards that are affected by 5/24 first, especially good cards like Freedom/CFU/CSP/CSR.
  • If you have 5 or more new accounts in the past 2 years, but after excluding authorized user accounts you are fine, then you should talk with the representative in the reconsideration line.
  • If you indeed have 5 or more new accounts in the past 2 years, you should try those bypass methods above. If you can neither see the “Selected For You” offers nor the in branch pre-approval offers, you can wait and relax for a while, until you can see those or until you are under 5/24.
  • Just move on directly if you don’t care about the Chase UR system, both Amex Membership Rewards (MR) and Citi ThankYou Point (TYP) are very nice points systems. Take redeeming for round-trip ticket between US and China as an example, you can redeem points of Amex for reward flights of ANA and Air Canada that belong to Star Alliance together with United Airlines, Air China, which means you can exchange reward flights among them. In this case, ANA even costs less points than UA.

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  • Bibo


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  • nick

    What do you mean by “not affected”? Does that mean if I currenlty have 4 cards open in the past 24 months, and apply for a Hyatt or Disney card, that it WON’T count as a 5th card? Or do you just mean if I’ve already gotten 5 cards in the past 24, that I’ll still be approved for the Hyatt/Disney card?

  • English readers won’t understand what “1W dollars” means. 🙂

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  • Steve Herzog

    Great article, thanks! I’m in violation of 5/24 rule, so tried online prequalify. That came up No Offers, FICO in high 700s, so possibly they checked 5/24. I have four cards with Chase (Freedom, Amazon, Slate, Marriott Rewards), no deposit accounts there.

    • ThunderFat

      I believe you’d better try in branch pre approval. Even you have online pre’s, they won’t help you bypassing 524 rule. Only in-branch pre approval links and targeted mail offers with RSVP code can help you fly over that. And, you can still go and check if you have any in branch offer even no one showed up online. They are different channels.

      • Richie Jack Batra

        I live in North Dakota. No branches anywhere out here. 🙂

  • In the past 2 years I’ve gotten the Chase Hyatt, US Bank Club Carlson, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Barclays Wyndham and Amex SPG (the SPG is for my business but under my social). How does Chase count those cards? I really want to get the Rapid Rewards personal and business cards next year for a companion pass.

    • Chase will count all the cards you listed.

  • Darren

    Why are these not affected? Do you have enough recent data points?
    Chase IHG
    Chase Hyatt
    Chase Fairmont
    Chase Ritz-Carlton
    Chase Marriott Business
    Chase British Airways
    Chase Disney Rewards
    Chase Disney Premier
    Chase Amazon
    Chase AARP

    • Chad R

      Not sure why they aren’t affected, but its definitely True. I applied for the Ritz-Carlton card and the Sapphire Reserve on the same day. I was approved for 10k on the Ritz card, and declined for the Sapphire. I called reconsideration and was I was declined for the Sapphire Reserve because of the 5/24 rule, the agent informed me that I had opened 22 new cards in the last 24 months! I then asked why I was approved for the Ritz Card on this same day for 10k…. the agent did not have an answer. Then a month later, I applied for the Amazon card and was also approved, 5k (and by this time I now had 24 new cards in last 2 years!)

      • 1st time caller

        God, that must have hurt! Did you want the Ritz more? Why would you apply for that one before the CSR?

        • Randy Marsh

          Wouldn’t have mattered, he was already at 22 anyway

          • Richie Jack Batra

            Thats about where I am now. About 30 Cards open Last Year. Chase won’t give me The Time of Day now. I have Several of their Cards now (Ink, MBC, UA EX. Pers., UA EX. Business, UA Club, but no dice on Any More.

    • josh mackles

      According to TPG, in the past Chase did not count cobranded cards towards the total. But I believe that exception may have disappeared.

    • They are based on data points, no idea why. I guess it’s because of how Chase is contracted with these partners.

    • cindiSue

      I have been rejected several times for a CSR for 5/24. But I just applied for an IHG and got approved with a $31k limit. Like I need that much limit on a hotel card! It doesn’t make sense to me why they are fine with giving us some cards but not others!

  • ben

    I was wondering if anyone could clarify. I ordered 2 credit cards within the last year including my Chase Freedom. I wanted to add an authorized user to earn the extra 2,500 points. Does opening the authorized user card count as if I opened 3 credit cards towards the Chase 5/24 rule? I’m asking because I want to open at least 2 more Chase credit cards in the next few months (Preferred and the Reserve) and don’t know if adding the authorized user would fill one of those slots.

    • ThunderFat

      The authorized user on your card will not be reported to your credit report because it’s not a card under your name.

      • cindiSue

        That is untrue. Chase reports all Authorized Users, as does Barclay. Learned that the hard way. They swore to me they didn’t, so I added the AU, then they showed up. However it seems if you remove the AU they will then remove the card from their credit report.

    • Eileen Kerrigan

      It will count as one of the five (in 5/24) for the authorized user, but not for you 🙂

  • rensuchan

    Does anyone 5/24 know if this goes back exactly 2 years? I opened 4 new accounts in mid-January 2015 and a 5th in August 2015 which has caused me to not be able to get the Chase Freedom card. If it’s exactly 24 months I should be able to apply again in a few days because the 4 new accounts would be at 2 years but I don’t want to waste an inquiry if I have to go a little bit longer.

    • I don’t think we can be so accurate, so just wait until you are safe.

      • rensuchan

        I probably should have updated this but I ended up applying for Freedom on January 22 and was accepted. January 21 was the date when I became 2/24 after being 6/24.

        • ThunderFat

          So you have 4 HP’s removed on Jan.21? This is a great data point!

          • rensuchan

            I think three were removed on Jan 20 and one more on Jan 21. So four HPs from 2015 reached 24 months by Jan 21.

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  • josh mackles

    Chase’s helpful new Credit Journey website tells me I have opened 7 cards in the past 2 years. However my own records tell me I have opened more than 7. Does anyone know if there is a way to determine which cards Chase is counting to get my total. Knowing this would give me some idea of when I will be under the 5/24 restriction on new Chase cards.

    • Becki Kain

      your credit report

      • josh mackles

        It is my credit report that tells me I have opened more than 7 cards in the past 2 years, which is why I ask, is there any way to determine which cards Chase is counting.

        • Becki Kain

          according to the chase person on the phone, it’s all cards – theirs and others.

          • josh mackles

            Thanks, but you don’t seem to understand my question. I have opened MORE than 7 cards in the last 2 years, but Chase’s own Credit Journey site states I have only opened 7. I am wondering if there is some way to determine which cards of mine Chase is counting.

            • skysniper

              In theory all credit reports should give you same number of opened cards. I guess this may be caused by the fact that Credit Journey isn’t up to date, it only updates maybe once per month or so. If so, some recent cards you opened may not show on the website.

              • josh mackles

                Thanks, but that still not the answer to my question. I keep excellent records and know the dates of ALL the credit cards I have opened. My records show that I have opened more than 7 cards in the last 24 months. Chase Journey only shows me as having opened 7 cards. I assume that this is the same number Chase will use to consider any new card applications that I make with Chase.

                So again to my question, does anyone know if there is any way of knowing which 7 cards Chase has counted. (I ask because I have been on a new card fast until I get under the 5/24 rule. Knowing which cards Chase is counting could make my task either easier or harder.)

                • skysniper

                  I don’t think there is a way, because it shouldn’t happen at all. Actually I don’t even think both Chase Journey and your records are correct at the same time. If both are up to date, then one of them should be wrong, unless some bank has not reported new account (yet).

                • josh mackles

                  I am hoping Chase Journey is correct because it would then let me know when I am under the 5/24 limit and, if so, I might be closer to reaching the goal than I thought. I am wondering if maybe Chase Journey is not counting my business cards, of which I have a few. But I thought those were included in the 5/24 calculations.

                • skysniper

                  Aha that’s the problem! You use EIN instead of SSN when you applied for business card, so it won’t show up on your personal credit report. That’s why it’s not shown on Chase Journey. However, Chase do know your business cards (at least in some situations). I’ve seen both data points where business cards count and not count towards 5/24, so it depends.

    • Christine Herrera

      I called the Chase reconsideration and she said they don’t count store credit cards…just major credit cards.

      • ThunderFat

        Store card are ‘charge’ cards on credit reports so they don’t count them, while normal charge cards, like Premier Rewards Gold from Amex, are still credit cards on reports.

      • stacy

        I applied reserve today and got denied. Called reconsideration and they told me they count store credit card that’s why I failed.

  • Becki Kain

    chase amazon is affected now. i was just refused for the 5/24 rule. they wouldn’t tell me the 5 number, just that once i’m down to 4 opens, i’d be fine.

    • But I see some recent data points (in the comment area of our Chinese version of this post) show that Chase Amazon is still not affected. I think the representative just guessed the reason why your application rejected…

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  • Will

    Does anyone know of a way to get a RSVP code or mail offer? For example, if I want the Marriott card, but can’t due to the 5/24 rule, is there a way to get Marriott to send me an offer or code so that I can get around the rule? Or is it just hope and pray Marriott sends me one?

    • ThunderFat

      I have no idea how they send out their targeted mails. So I could only pray…

  • Intel8

    Does the 5/24 rule means:
    If I have 4 cards opened in the past 24 months, I can apply for the 5th card from Chase?


    • Correct. Under 5/24 doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be approved, it’s still upon credit approval.

  • Boston Bobby

    You are confusing what not affected means. Marriott biz card is not affected by 5/24 meaning that you can still get one even if you are already over 5/24. It does not mean that it will not count as an account in apps going forward…

    • Richie Jack Batra

      Wait, so why is MBC not affected? BTW, I have Several Bus./Pers. Chase Cards. Im well, over 5/24. They won’t give me The Time of Day now. Just applied for Every Bus./Pers. Card they offer, and have been predictably denied on all.

      • We don’t know why MBC is not affected, we just know it from data points.

  • Marcy Kyser

    I rounded the 5/24 mark awhile ago. was pretty near instantly approved for marriott business this morning 🙂 I’m surprised that it will count against my 5/24, but at least it is still an option for people that want the card

  • tom tope

    It is possible to get approved the day of the month you go 4/24 with Chase.
    Just a Data Point on when can app with 5/24 I had several authorized users and 7 new cards on feb 27th on Feb. 28th It was 4/24 I applied for southwest business on 28th and reconsideration was able to see exact dates and remove AU cards and was approved. then on March 2nd was at 3/24 and AU cards applied for Southwest personal premier and reconsideration said that those would not drop off until April I pressed the issue of the dates and told them business department took them off down to dates and they agreed to do so and I was approved without waiting until April

    • I don’t think we can be so accurate, so just wait until you are safe.

      • tom tope

        Did you read the post you are able to be that accurate all you have to do is ask them to look at dates. By the way was also approved for 3 cards in 20 days just got sapphire Reserve with being over 5/24 if only looking at months again I asked them to look at actual dates and they did.

        • Ah sorry, you are right. Good data point!

  • Richie Jack Batra

    This means nothing in my case. My state has no branches, and Im not prequalified for anything. I am way, way, way over 5/24 (I”m a serial churner/MS’er). So how do we get around this? I have had Just About Every Business/Pers. Chase Card around.

    • Just updated the post, now there’s a new way to bypass: Online “Selected For You” can bypass the 5/24 rule. But it’s still rare. 5/24 is a pain for everyone, not just you.


        LOL, that comes up with nothing. 5/24, they think? I opened up 5 Cards Last WEEK, LOL. I probably opened About 15 so far This Year. They have pretty much locked people like me and my wife out!

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  • MBC is not affected means that even if you are above 5/24, you may still get approved for MBC. It doesn’t mean the card is not counted towards 5/24.

  • cindiSue

    Haven’t been able to get the CSR for myself or my partner. He was AU on 2 of my cards (Sapphire Preferred and Marriott.) I removed him from Marriott, then I asked Chase to have that taken off his credit report, and they confirmed they have submitted the request to the bureaus to do that. I plan to do the same for the Sapphire Preferred before applying for him again. I’ve heard that you can get sometimes AU’s ignored if you call, it seems better to make it clean and hope for an instant approval. Or maybe he’ll get a pre-approval. Hoping they’ll increase the bonus again toward the end of the year.

  • Pablin J. Santiago

    Sadly I was denied and curious thing I reached 5/24 not over it.

    But it’s ok at least I tried gonna wait for now a few months and try again.

  • Jason Nathan

    Are you able to get csp bonus again if its been over 24 months of getting original bonus? downgraded csp after getting reserve and was wondering if I could apply for csp again and get bonus. thanks

    • Jennifer Bielak

      The card must be closed and it has to have been 24 months since your received the sign up bonus AND not violate the 5/24 rule. I JUSTgot off the phone with chase to verify this and verify when I actually received the signup bonus on the preferred card.

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    Write some better grammar. “Just move on directly”……
    Also, there are no branches here in North Dakota. And Im not preapproved. So this article has done NOTHING to help a churner like me.

  • Isaiah

    “For example, let’s assume a simple situation: if I got 5 cards on Jan 20, 2015, and no new accounts thereafter. Then I’ll be under 5/24 on Feb 1, 2017. I don’t need to wait until Feb 21, 2017 to get approved!”

    Wouldn’t you be under 5/24 on Jan 1st? I don’t think anyone was under the impression that you had to wait a whole 25 months.

    The recent DPs on DOC seem to indicate that they only look at the 23 previous months and the current month.

    For your example, they would be looking at Feb 15-Jan 17, which is 24 months.

  • What about if I open and register a business? then I’ll be applying for a credit card using my business EIM rather than my SSN. I’ve been denied the Chase Saphire Reserved and really want those lounge access benefits (I travel alot). So would that be an additional strategy for bypassing the 5/24 rule?

  • What about if I open and register a business? then I’ll be applying for a credit card using my business EIN rather than my SSN. I’ve been denied the Chase Saphire Reserved and really want those lounge access benefits (I travel alot). So would that be an additional strategy for bypassing the 5/24 rule?

    • DietsThatWorkEasy

      I had the same question. I think they still link your EIN to your SSN, it’s the same entity. So for me the answer was no, from various sources.

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