Amex 2021 年會繼續更新信用卡福利,將著重於長期持有價值

在昨天早上(12月8日)的一次會議中,Amex CEO Steve Squeri 對討論了很多 Amex 未來經營方面的話題(原文可參考 Seeking Alpha)。其中提到了一些和信用卡有關的話題,這當然是我們最感興趣的。總體上來講,Amex 2021年將繼續更新信用卡福利,著重於客戶 retention。從我的理解來看,已有客戶如何不流失?最關鍵的無非是提供高價值的長期持有福利。

I think from a card existing cardholder perspective, we’re going to be very focused on retention. We’ve had retention levels that are you know probably better than we’ve ever had. Certainly, better than we’ve had in 2019. And we will continue to do that through you know product refreshes and what have you.

CEO 提到 2020 年客戶關卡率比19年要好。今年 Amex 確實做了很大的努力維持客戶不流失。除了提供各種臨時福利,還在近期大力發送各類 retention offer(可以參考我們的dp收集貼),這是有目共睹的。希望明年能繼續提供給力的 retention offer。

而當提到今年白金卡新加的臨時福利時,Amex CEO 給出了以下回答:

75% of our customers that had platinum cards in the US took advantage of those credits. 60% of our small business customers, 40% of our co-brand customers, 90% of our international platinum card holders took advantage of value injection. And one of the statistic, as we looked at our platinum card holders, we had people — so 11% of our platinum card holders had not put wireless on their card and 9% had not put streaming on their card. And so we now have that from a recurring perspective and we feel really good about that. I think as you think about the value propositions overall, we’ve been on a journey to really refresh our value propositions on every two to three year basis. And when you look at the value propositions obviously defer from a consumer perspective and a small business perspective. And from a consumer perspective, we were really focused on extending all those lifestyle benefits, and we will continue to do that.

11%的白金卡用戶沒用過電話費報銷,9%的沒用過流媒體報銷。看起來 Amex CEO 對這個使用率相當滿意(估計是覺得取消報銷很多人也會懶得改了?)。在這段回答的最後一句,他還特意強調這類 lifestyle benefits will be continued。這對我們這些持卡人來說至少是一個積極的信號。今年這些臨時報銷已經非常非常厚道了,白金卡通過福利值回年費是毫無疑問的。最好的情況當然是這類報銷在明年得以繼續,但人家也沒說就會做一樣的事情。如果要被其它福利取代的話,希望不要再是那類非常難用的 credit 了。

具體明年 Amex 各類卡都有會怎樣的改進和福利,我們拭目以待吧,希望 Amex 不要食言~

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