Does Credit Limit Increase Needs a Hard Pull (2015.6 Updated)

Credit Limit Increase (CLI) can make normal spending more smoothly, and by indirectly decreasing the utilization, you might improve your credit score because of this. Some banks, however, pull the credit report from one of the credit bureaus when you request a CLI, it’s called Hard Pull (HP), which is somewhat harmful to your credit history. So it’s necessary to figure out which…
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Barclaycard US Airways Credit Card Review (Discontinued)

US Airways World Premier MasterCard Review Application Link This card no longer accepts new applications. Existing cards have been converted to AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard (also do not accept application). If you are interested in American Airlines credit card, or US Airway (now part of American Airline) credit card, our recommendation is Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard. Recommended Downgrade Options AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard


AmEx Centurion Card Review

American Express Centurion Card Review What is American Express Centurion Card? Probably quite a lot of people have heard the story that a Centurion Card tempts numerous beauties in the bar. Then what is the card on earth? Benefits No pre-set credit limit and the credit limit could potentially be huge. It is, according to rumors, the only credit card…
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Airline Miles and Frequent Flyer Programs (2015.6 Updated)

Miles and frequent flyer programs (FFP), are often talked about because they help customers save money. However, it is not uncommon that many customers are frustrated with the complex award ticket system and feel overwhelmed by enormous information available on the Internet. Hence, our review here is to provide an easy and ready-to-use guide for those in need. Why you…
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AmEx Old Blue Cash (OBC) Credit Card Review (Discontinued)

Blue Cash from American Express (Old Blue Cash, OBC) Review Application Link This card no longer accepts new applications. If you are lucky to have this legacy credit card, you can still enjoy its original benefits. Benefits For your first $6,500 in purchases in a Reward Year (12 billing periods in a row beginning with the one that starts in…
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