Bilt Rent Day 活动【2023.2 更新:Points Quest 活动】

Bilt 信用卡是一个推出没多久的非常给力的卡。Bilt 点数可以1:1转点给Hyatt、UA、AA等众多合作伙伴,因为其合作伙伴质量很高所以其点数价值比较高。从2022年9月开始Bilt搞了个 “Bilt Rent Day”:每月1日,除了固定活动双倍返点(房租除外)up to 10k点之外,还会搞一些小活动让大家参与然后赚一点点数。本文收录一下每月活动。

【2023.1.1 更新】Point Quest 活动 答题送350点

感谢美卡论坛 wuzhengkai 整理的答案:

  • What is the capital city of Hawaii? Honolulu
  • This religious storytelling dance is traditional to the Hawaiian islands. Hula
  • Hawaiian for “quick” what word describes a web page that can be edited by many people? Wiki
  • Hawaii is actually an archipelago that includes how many islands? 8
  • What year did Hawaii become America’s 50th state? 1959
  • What animated film was set in Hawaii and famously taught that “Ohana means family”? Lilo & Stitch
  • Which US President was born in Hawaii? Barack Obama
  • Which two letter abbreviation is used for Hawaii? HI
  • In which ocean is Hawaii located? Pacific
  • You might wear a lei and enjoy poi at this traditional outdoor feast. Lu’au
  • This ‘Aquaman’ movie star was born in Honolulu and advocates for preservation of the islands’ sacred volcanos. Jason Momoa
  • What is Hawaii’s state nickname? “The Aloha State”
  • What is Hawail’s state flower? Yellow Hibiscus
  • Duke Kahanamoku is father of which sports? Surfing
  • [bonus] Which Bilt travel partner uses the “HawaiianMiles” currency? Hawaiian Airlines


【2023.1.1 更新】Point Quest 活动 答题送600点

感谢美卡论坛 Thunderbolt 整理的答案:

What song is traditionally sung on new year’s eve to remind us to not forget old friends

— Auld Lang Syne

What type of mythical creature is the mascot of snack brand keebler

— Elf

What do you call the temporary sleep problem experienced by traveling quickly across multiple time zones

— Jet lag

What iconic new york rapper got his name from both his statue and the 1975 film let’s do it again

— Biggie Smalls

The second season of the hit series ‘the white lotus’ traveled to what region of italy

— Sicily

What is the japanese alcoholic beverage sake fermented from

— Rice

In the wizarding world of harry potter, which spell do you use to disarm an opponent

— Expelliarmus

What do mycologiests commonly study

— Fungi

The concerpt that small actions can lead to large, unexpected effects is known as what?

— Butterfly effect

The three founders of youtube previously worked for what other tech company

— PayPal

Bilt won waht reader’s choice award at the 2022 tpg awards

— Best No-Annual-Fee Credit Card

【2022.12.1 更新】Point Quest 活动 答题送350点

今天打开 Bilt app,在首页第一个tab就可以看到 “Rent day”(如果看不到请更新app),往下翻一翻会看到红圈中的这个活动 “Point Ques”,这是个答题送点数的活动,把所有问题都答对就能获得总共50*5+100=350点Bilt点数。



  • o-
  • toblerone
  • pandora
  • 9
  • 5golden rings
  • soho
  • chocolate fudge
  • 2*pi*r
  • mail
  • Pinocchio
  • Turquoise
  • Anaheim
  • New Orleans saints
  • California

感谢 美卡论坛 Queer、 jefferyzFrozenZ0717qianyuan 提供的答案!


顺便说一下,每月1日rent day双倍返现别忘了刷。

【2022.11 更新】7天双倍返点活动

平时Bilt的Rent Day就是每月1日,固定活动是当日双倍返点(房租除外)up to 10k点。现在Bilt搞了一个7天双倍返点活动:从11.25到12.1这7天所有消费(房租除外)都可以双倍返点,up to 50k点数!现在正好是购物季,大家普遍消费量大,这个活动还是很值得参与的。

HT: 美卡论坛 b19e93n

【2022.11.1 更新】Point Quest 活动 答题送350点

今天打开 Bilt app,在首页第一个tab就可以看到 “Rent day”(如果看不到请更新app),往下翻一翻会看到红圈中的这个活动 “Point Ques”,这是个答题送点数的活动,把所有问题都答对就能获得总共50*5+100=350点Bilt点数。


  1. Au
  2. November 8
  3. Black Adam
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Lana Del Rey
  6. (Bonus question) Switzerland

感谢 美卡论坛 WQCzifei023CooCoo 提供的答案!

【2022.10.1 更新1】Point Quest 活动 答题送350点

今天打开 Bilt app,在首页第一个tab就可以看到 “Rent day”(如果看不到请更新app),往下翻一翻会看到红圈中的这个活动 “Introducing Point Ques”,这是个答题送点数的活动,把所有问题都答对就能获得总共50*5+100=350点Bilt点数。


  1. India
  2. Miami
  3. Victory
  4. DAMN.
  5. Oaxaca
  6. (Bonus question) Hilly island


【2022.10.1 更新2】链接Virgin账号送500点

现在还有个小活动可以参与,在10.31前链接Virgin Points账号送500点(平时链接伙伴账号每个送100点)。

稍微有点事情要注意,Bilt 需要链接的是 Virgin Points 账号,不是兑换里程用的 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club 账号,虽然这俩是同一家然后也可以把这俩东西link起来。所以如果你以前没注册过 Virgin Red 账号就需要先注册一下。

HT:美卡论坛 helloimvx



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