Common Bank & Credit Card & Airlines & Hotels Abbreviations (2015.8 Update)


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Bank & Credit Card Abbreviations

  1. AA: Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Credit Card, also American Airlines
  2. AA EXE: Citi AAdvantage Executive
  3. AF: Annual Fee
  4. AGC: American Express Gift Card
  5. AmEx: American Express
  6. Amex HH: AmEx Hilton HHonors Credit Card
  7. AOR: App-O-Rama, apply for several credit cards at the same time
  8. APR: Annual Percentage Rate
  9. ATT: Citi ATT Access More Credit Card. There is another Citi ATT Access credit card with no annual fee, but it’s less common
  10. A+: Barclaycard Arrival Plus Credit Card
  11. BA: Chase British Airways Credit Card, also British Airways
  12. BBR: BoA Better Balance Rewards Credit Card
  13. BCE/BCP: AmEx Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card / AmEx Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card
  14. BoA: Bank of America
  15. CA: Cash Advance, get cash from credit card, usually with very high fees.
  16. CB: Cash Back
  17. CC: Credit Card
  18. Churn (although this is not an abbreviation but also credit card industry slang): repeatedly open (and maybe close) the same credit card for the sign-up bonus
  19. Citi HH: Citi Hilton HHonors Credit Card
  20. CK: Credit Karma
  21. CLI: Credit Line/Limit Increase
  22. CPC: Chase Private Client
  23. CSP: Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card
  24. C1: Capital One Bank
  25. DC: mainly Citi Double Cash, also Debit Card
  26. DCC: Dynamic Currency Conversion, should avoid in general because of the fees. Can be avoided by choosing to use local currency for transactions. Usually not a problem for AmEx and Discover.
  27. DD: Direct Deposit
  28. ED/EDP: AmEx EveryDay Credit Card / AmEx EveryDay Preferred Credit Card
  29. EQ: Equifax, one of the three major credit Bureaus in the U.S
  30. EX: Experian, one of the three major credit Bureaus in the U.S
  31. FIA: Fidelity Rewards American Express Credit Card
  32. FR: Financial Review (usually by AmEx), need to provide proof of income, property, etc. Should avoid in general
  33. FTF: Foreign Transaction Fee, a conversion fee (usually 3%) when using foreign currency with your credit card
  34. GC: Gift Card
  35. HP: Hard Pull
  36. IHG: Chase IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card, also InterContinental Hotels Group
  37. MGC: MasterCard Gift Card
  38. MPC: Chase United MileagePlus Club Credit Card
  39. MPX: MileagePlus X
  40. MR: Membership Rewards, reward program by AmEx
  41. MS: Manufactured Spending
  42. OBC: AmEx Old Blue Cash Credit Card
  43. PRG: AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Credit Card
  44. QS: Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card
  45. RC: Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card
  46. Reserve: Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Credit Card
  47. SM: Sallie Mae Credit Card
  48. SP: Soft Pull
  49. SPG: AmEx Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, also refer to Starwood Preferred Guest, the loyalty program of Starwood
  50. SSN: Social Security Number
  51. Surpass: AmEx Hilton HHonors Surpass Credit Card
  52. TR: BoA Travel Rewards Credit Card
  53. TU: TransUnion, one of the three major credit Bureaus in the U.S
  54. TYP: ThankYou Points, reward program by Citi
  55. UA: Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card,also United Airlines
  56. UR: Ultimate Rewards, reward program by Chase
  57. USB: US Bank
  58. VGC: Visa Gift Card
  59. 123: BoA Cash Rewards Credit Card
  60. 2BM: 2 Browsers Method, apply for 2 credit cards at the same using different browsers. Same for 3BM, etc.

Airlines Related Abbreviations

  1. Airline Codes. IATA and ICAO both have 2-letter / 3-letter airline codes. Typically people use IATA 2-letter codes for airlines, see here for the full list. Some common airline codes are: UA = United Airlines, AA = American Airlines, DL = Delta Air Lines, BA = British Airways, CX = Cathay Pacific, AC= Air Canada
  2. Airport Codes. As above, typically people use IATA 3-letter codes, see here for the full list. Also refer to IATA’s official website for official codes information
  3. FFP: Frequent Flyer Program
  4. PP card: Priority Pass card, see official website here
  5. PPS: Priority Pass Select, comes free with AmEx Platinum Card and Citi Prestige Credit Card
  6. SA, *A: Star Alliance, includes CA, AC, UA, SQ, NH
  7. OW: One World, includes CX, AA, QR, BA
  8. ST: Skyteam, includes MU, CZ, DL, KE
  9. MR: Mileage Run, fly a lot in a short time to accumulate mileage.
  10. SG, *G: Star Gold, Star Alliance Gold member
  11. CPM: Cent Per Mile, a measure of mileage value
  12. GS: Global Service, top elite status of UA
  13. E+: Economy Plus
  14. PQM/MQM/EQM: Premier/Medallion/Elite Qualifying Miles, refers to UA/DL/AA elite qualifying miles, respectively

Hotel Related Abbreviations

  1. BRG: Best Rate Guarantee
  2. BAR: Best Available Rate
  3. SPG: Starwood Preferred Guest
  4. IHG: Intercontinental Hotels Group
  5. FN: Free Night
  6. FHR: Fine Hotels & Resorts, a benefit of AmEx Platinum Card which gives you discounts, upgrades or other benefits when booking some luxury hotels and resorts
  7. CI/CO: Check In / Check Out

Other Abbreviations

  1. CS(R): Customer Service (Representative)
  2. YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary, which means it may different for different people
  3. YTD: Year to Date
  4. DP: Data Point
  5. FT: FlyerTalk Forum
  6. DoC: Doctor of Credit
  7. TPG: The Points Guy
  8. FM: The Frequent Miler

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