Citi AT&T Access More Credit Card (2017.6 Update: No Longer Earning 3x Purchasing GC or Paying Rentals from 07/22)


AT&T Access More Card from Citi (Citi ATT) Review

2017.06.13 update: Citi has send out emails informing current card holders that, beginning July,22nd, online GC purchase or re-load, or rental payments on AT&T Access More card will no longer earn 3x points. People used to use this card on, MPX and Plastiq to take advantage of 3x points earning but now it seems good days will be gone soon.

Application Link

  • This card is no longer available to apply, but you can get it by converting from other Citi credit cards. Note that you won’t get the sign-up bonus by converting.


  1. $650 sign-up bonus! In order to get the bonus, you must:
    1. Spend $2,000 in first three months.
    2. When you add this card to your Citi online account, you will see a special link (see below) which you can use to buy a new phone from AT&T. You will see this link either within or after 3 months. This requirement does not have a time limit.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.46.06
    3. Activate and maintain a postpaid service with AT&T for 15 days. It doesn’t matter whether you create an AT&T plan first or you apply for this card first.

    Then you will get $650! Since you can buy a contract-free iPhone at around $649, this sign-up bonus is basically equivalent to a free iPhone!

  2. There’s no time limit for you to use the phone offer theoretically, so you can apply first and then buy the phone later. To be safe, I recommend you use the phone offer within a year. It doesn’t matter whether you finish the $2000 spending requirement first or buy the phone first. If you decide to buy a phone within the first 3 months, the purchase DOES count towards the $2000 spending requirement.
  3. Earn 3 ThankYou Points per $1 spent at AT&T and “online purchases at retail and travel websites”, 1 ThankYou Point per $1 spent on other purchases.
  4. According to FlyerTalk and other forums, “Online purchases at retail and travel websites” includes, but not limited to the following stores: Amazon, Ebay, Mileage Plus X (MPX); does NOT include Apple.
  5. We estimate that ThankYou Points (TYP) are worth about 1.3 cents/point, see below for a brief introduction.
  6. Earn 10,000 ThankYou Points after spending $10,000 in prior card membership year (the membership year begins the date you become an AT&T Access More Cardmember and resets each year on that date).
  7. Citi’s retention offers (offers for cardholders who want to close their accounts) are typically very generous, but still, YMMV.


  1. $95 annual fee, NOT waived for the first year.
  2. It has foreign transaction fee, so it's not a good choice outside the US.

Introduction to TYP

  • You can earn TYP with Citi Prestige, Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi ThankYou Preferred, Citi ATT Access More, etc.
  • You can add all these cards into the same account, and points that are about to expire will be redeemed first in the order in which they expire automatically.
  • In most cases, TYP never expire. But closing account, product change, or receiving points from other people may cause TYP on that account to expire.
  • If you have Citi Prestige or Citi ThankYou Premier, TYP can be transferred to some airline miles. The best way to use TYP is to 1:1 transfer them to Asia Miles (Oneworld). Other good options are: Singapore Airlines (SQ) (Star Alliance), Flying Blue (SkyTeam), Virgin Atlantic (VS) (Non-alliance), etc. If you use TYP in this way, the value is about 1.6 cents/point.
  • If you have Citi Prestige or Citi ThankYou Premier, you can redeem your TYP at a fixed rate 1.25 cents/point towards air tickets on; if you have Citi ThankYou Premier, you can redeem your TYP at a fixed rate 1.25 cents/point towards hotels on This is one of the most common way to use TYP. Points+cash is available when redeeming for air tickets, so no need to worry if you do not have enough TYP.
  • If you have Citi Prestige, or you use the "Student Loan Rebate" trick, then you can redeem your TYP at a fixed rate 1 cents/point towards cash.
  • In summary, we estimate that TYP are worth about 1.3 cents/point.
  • For more information about TYP, see Maximize the Credit Card Points Values (overview), and Introduction to TYP: How to Earn & Introduction to TYP: How to Use (very detailed).

Recommended Application Time

  1. [1/24 Rule] Bonus ThankYou Points not available if you have had any AT&T Access card or AT&T Access More card opened or closed in the past 24 months.
  2. [8/65 Rule] You can apply for at most 1 Citi cards every 8 days, and at most 2 Citi cards every 65 days, no matter approved or not.
  3. Citi values the number of recent hard pulls a lot, we recommend you apply when there’s less than 6 hard pulls in the past 6 months.
  4. We recommend you apply for this card after you have a credit history of at least one year.


The first highlight of this card is the $650 sign-up bonus. For existing AT&T postpaid mobile service customers, getting a free iPhone could be very attractive. For customers using other mobile services, it would be better to think rationally about if switching to AT&T is worth it. The second highlight of is the 3x TYP on AT&T and on retail and travel websites. According to current datapoints, it includes quite a lot of websites, which could be useful for many people. It would be worthwhile to keep this card if you spend a lot on those bonus categories, otherwise you may consider downgrading it to some cards with no annual fee.

Recommended Downgrade Options

We recommend you downgrade this card to these no annual fee cards that can earn TYP, because you can keep your TYP if so. If you downgrade this card to DC/Dividend, the TYP you earned from this card will expire in 60 days.

Historical Offers Chart

This card stopped accepting new applications in 2016.7.

Application Link

  • This card is no longer available to apply, but you can get it by converting from other Citi credit cards. Note that you won’t get the sign-up bonus by converting.

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  • NK

    are you sure the other link is still working and they are approving card?

    • prasanna mishra

      For me Its not working.. Can someone help here.

      • It’s still working for me..

        • prasanna mishra

          Only buying a Iphone from AT&T is sufficient to get &650 or apart from buying iphone we have to spend in total $2000 to qualify for this $650 credit.
          Please help me to understand.

          • You have to spend 2000 to qualify the offerz

            • prasanna mishra

              Actually I read in the link dat buying a iphone using this credit card is equivalent $2000 purchase.. so wanted to confirm

              • It’s not equivalent to $2000 spending, it just counts towards the $2000 spending.

  • Denis

    Another thing is it doesn’t say anywhere on their page about 650$ offer, so they might not honor it.

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  • Pepe99

    Thanks! Works like a charm. Was able to apply, get approved and order iPhone in one shot!

    • ThunderFat

      Good to hear that. Enjoy your new phone! 🙂

  • engy

    plz can any one send me the link to buy iphone 6 and also i have access card but i donnot know the link?

      • Prashant Pandey

        a) You may buy it
        1) Online using the link and alternatively you may get a call to visit local Authorized AT & T Store to collect your phone
        2) by visiting Authorized AT & T Store. Ask the executive in store that you want to buy a “‘NO CONTRACT’ iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S……..”, you have to get a new AT&T connection (go with the minimum plan 45$ + 15$ Activation Charge + Tax, comes almost 72 to 74$) and continue that line for at least 15 Days. After 15 days you may turn off your AT&T Service.

        Please remember to collect/keep the receipt

        b) Call the Citi Cards Customer Care and they will give you a number to fax the receipt. Fax the receipt and you are done, you will get $650 in (after 2 to 3 weeks) your credit card balance, once Citi verifies that you have spent 2000$ in first 3 months.

        Hope this helps!

        • Anthony

          But do you get the discount if it is no contract? Can you then take the phone to be used on Sprint?

          • You HAVE TO buy a full price phone with no contract in order to get the $650. Yes you can unlock it later and use it on Sprint.

            • Anthony

              Great, thanks. And thanks again for posting the working link on r/churning. I signed my wife up for it because I didn’t want to miss it again and I’m waiting for a mortgage to close in my name August 15 . I made myself an authorized user. Can I just transfer the points to my account, which as a Prestige, and use them at 1.6c/point to book or transfer to partners?

    • james

      I sell I-Phone and others contact me at 347-441-6998

  • BSM

    can anybody tell me if the offer is still available? I called up CITI and they told like they don’t have the offer anymore…

  • Gene

    very interesting.
    but at&t will not allow to purchase expensive phones without contract.
    the contract must last at least 2 months ($50/mo is the cheapest plan). what about the fee to break the contract?

    • You CAN buy uncontracted phones at AT&T. I myself bought a iPhone 6s last year at full price.

      • Vela

        How long did it take for you to get the $650 credit?

        • A month or so after I bought the phone

          • Vela


      • Gene

        weird. i called at&t and used live chat to ask if i can buy a phone without contract. they answered NO.

  • Ira

    I don’t see any phone offer in this website which refunds 650$.Could anybody who got refund recently confirm on it.Thanks in advance

    • Suresh P

      Have you tried and got refund?

  • Sunny Bright

    Did anyone apply for the card lately ? I mean in last 2 weeks. Did it get approved ?

    The card is not available in the main Citi Bank Credit Card portal but there are links which takes you to it ? I am wondering if applying through those link will entitle me to a new phone ?

  • Ivan Yeung
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  • Suresh P

    ,Anyone applied in past few days/weeks? In the given link, $650 sign-up bonus is not mentioned anywhere. Currently i am on AT&T postpaid and i am not on any contract or NEXT programs. I am just using AT&T service in my old unlocked phone. So, is it allowed for me to buy an IPhone and continue the same plan or i have to sign up for new plan to get this $650 sign-up bonus?

    I have seen a cancellation option within 30 days. So, i want to try this cracked URL and apply. If i don’t get $650 sign-up bonus confirmation, i will return it.

    If you applied with above link, please share your experience and suggestions.

      • Deal catcher

        I just applied and got approval with the link to phone offer.

        • vijay work

          i just applied and got approval as well. have to call them tomorrow to find out if phone offer is there on the card. can any one else confirm about 650 offer, if they applied within the past 2 weeks or so. thanks

          • Suresh P

            I got “Account Approval notice” (dated 7/13/2016) confirms that my credit card application is approved and i will get new card in next 7 to 10 days. It was also mentioned $650 statement credit after $2000 in purchases within 3 months of account opening.

  • Suresh P

    I applied online on 7/8/2016 Friday night . I got message “We have received your application and further processing is required. We will contact you in a week regarding our decision. I waited till Monday morning. Today (7/11/2016), i called to the number 1-866-606-2787. CSR verified my address, phone number and took 3 minutes for review. She finally said card approved. Then i asked for $650 Phone offer. She said it is included in the application and i will get offer details along with Welcome kit, which will be received in 7 to 10 days. Hoping positively.

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  • Bhushan

    My first name doesn’t fit in the box. So my application never getting approved. They definitely need to fix this issue.

  • Mark M

    Used the link above to apply today, 7/14, and was accepted after calling in to move some credit around. Asked about how to redeem the offer and he confirmed the $2000/3 months was attached to the link above.

  • Srini

    Used the link and applied on 7/13, approved after calling them late in the evening. Rep confirmed about $650 bonus over the phone, have to wait and see when the card arrives.

  • Edward

    Those who bought iPhone from at&t with this card can make use of their price rewind feature. I did it with my iPhone 6s 64gb which was $200 less in boost mobile. So I got $650 + $200. My phone cost was only the annual fee.

    • Sai Lin

      HI Edward,

      what do you mean by price rewind feature? could you elaborate on that? Thanks.

      • Edward

        The citi card has a feature called price rewind, which is like if you find the product you purchased somewhere else for a lesser price and the sale is within the 60 days of your purchase you can claim the difference amount from citi. In boost mobile the phone was on sale for $200 less than at&t and I claimed it through price rewind.

  • Duffman

    I get an “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” error. Serves me right for waiting so long to get it 🙁

  • stinkypete1211

    Link is working again as of today. Just completed the application but did not receive instant approval.

    • Donald Sun

      I just tried, but it still doesn’t work

      • stinkypete1211

        Strange … link works with chrome but not with IE

        • benjaminmetzler

          It worked for me consistently on my iPad, but not on my Mac (Firefox or Chrome) including today (July 21)

          I applied on the 19th, but was not instantly approved. I received an email saying it could take up to a week. Called the next day and the CSR said that the application was received but she couldn’t tell for what card the application was for and if I had “gotten the link from a friend”. She said that the system hadn’t done a pull yet and that I could apply again. She then offered to cancel the application, which I turned down.

          I get the feeling the application will ultimately be rejected.

          • Jin Sha

            What’s the edition of ur chrome?

            • benjaminmetzler

              I didn’t. I used my iPad with Safari to get to the site. I just checked again and it still opens up (July 21 02:42GST).

              I talked with the CSR and my application is still stuck in the system. The CSR said that it was being reviewed.

              • yada yada

                I don’ think it matters much, but if you don’t mind, what exactly the version of your iPad? Thanks!

                • benjaminmetzler

                  iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.3.3.

                • yada yada

                  Nope, still nothing. I’m actually posting this comment from an iPad running iOS 9.3.3 and the link doesn’t work.

                  I’m in the US, but since you mentioned the time in GST, I’m just curious whether you are getting the link to work from outside the US ?!

                • benjaminmetzler

                  I’m in the US. GST is easier for some people to calculate from. They may have closed down that link as well by now.

                • lawgeeks

                  I was able to apply with the iPad link on July 22 and was approved today July 26. I did call to confirm application status, but it sounded like they started processing my application after I called.

                • Benjamin971

                  It seems that the key was having either an iPad or iPhone and a bit of luck. I had to hit refresh a couple of times when I tried to apply in order for the application to show.

                  I’ll try again tonight on my iPad to see if it works still.


                • yada yada

                  I’ve been trying on my iPad since 7/21, but no luck 🙁

                  If you guys can report back, that’d be amazing. Thanks !

                • Benjamin971

                  I tried multiple times tonight with the URL that was in my iPad cache and it’s no longer working. Sorry.

  • riteshbvm

    Citi AT&T Acess More card is total waste of time. There are some bunch of idiot people working on this card from Citi and AT&T. Sometimes it is possible that you apply for iphone using the link provided by city in online banking which allows you to put the order for the phone and then next day you will get an email from f***ing AT&T saying that your order is pending and contact their customer care which is full of idiots. They will put on brief hold and finally said that you need to go to store with couple of ID proof, and they can’t activate the account online. Basically then you need to go to store and keep all the recipt of phone purchase and send a fax to Citi bank and fax them, really? No body will explain you the things what’s the issue they are facing for activating your account with AT&T. I face this issue on the 1st day of my credit card and closed my credit card on the next day becuase of this unpleasant experience. What they are commiting is not they are delivering, these are the biggest a**holes ever seen which are providing such poor services and making their customer life tough. BIG NO to citi credit cards.

  • gum_guy

    link dead : ( any chance it will come back?

  • Benjamin971

    I just got an approval email for an app done on Tuesday. Link appears to dead now.

    • stinkypete1211

      I received my approval email yesterday! Glad to hear the link is working….for some people. I tried on my macbook and link is dead. There must be some sort of cookie on my PC that brings up the application page.

      • Maddy123


        Did you call the CSR ? I applied on 07/20 and yet to get the decision. Do I need to talk to CSR? I am afraid that it might get rejected as my credit is below 700.


        • stinkypete1211

          I did not call customer service. It took 8 days to receive the approval email.

    • Benjamin971

      I received the physical approval mail today. In specifically called out the $650 rewards offer for phones purchased via the AT&T special link after spending $2000. Now I’m just waiting on the card itself.

      • Benjamin971

        And I got the cards today. It took about 45 minutes to activate the card because the system seemed to not have my SSN correctly and I was on hold for thirty minutes. Then the SSN issue hit again when I tried to link to my existing Citi account. When I tried the special link to AT&T it worked, but I’m going to hold off until the next iPhone is released.


    When can we disconnect the ATT Service? After 15 days i can unlock the device?

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  • Deepti Gaur Awasthi


    Can some please tell if the offer for iphone is still on with this AT & T Access More card?

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  • Baoa L

    So..just found out that the annual fee was posted within the 3 months and cannot be count for the 2000 🙁 Looking at the numbers you go “yay~”, then you went to buy the phone and found no promo link, real disappointed…

    • ThunderFat

      Sorry to hear that, but annual fee doesn’t count toward spending requirement on any card.

    • You can try to contact Citi and try to ask for a few more days to complete your spending requirements..

  • Shobhit Baijal

    This post has been very helpful from signing up for the credit card till the purchase of a new iphone 7. I had pre ordered it using the link inside my citi account and on the final order page it confirmed that the offer was to spend $2000 in 3 months to be eligible. Received my phone on the day committed, got it activated and unlocked from AT&T in 30-40 mins in 2 separate calls though as I wasn’t able to do it online it said that the IMEI is not of an AT&T device. I am on a group plan, I am not the owner – this is my only concern in getting the credit as the order is in the account owner’s name but have heard positive experiences of people in the past and hence took a leap of faith. I don’t intend to give up AT&T but its always good to get the phone unlocked as soon as you can so as to be able to use it when travelling internationally and not finding yourself in a fix at the last minute. Now, I just need to wait for my credit and will hopefully post an update in a month or two! A big thanks to all previous posters.

  • Razia

    Hi can anyone tell whether phone offer is still available , if so let me know the link

    • This card is discontinued.

      • Razia


      • Bluememo

        is it possible to convert the card and ask for the sign up bonus??

        • ThunderFat

          no… Sign-up bonus is not available for conversion

  • Charls89

    can i buy multiple things as long as it adds up to 650 say, a chapter phone and smart watch…? or is it just for the purchase of one phone… if phone is only 500 i lose the remaining?

  • Manoj W

    I have applied and got the phone in July-16 month. But I didn’t received my $650 back after spending $3000 within first 2 months so I called to call center guys and now they are saying I need to purchase $2000 of AT&T products than I am qualified it.
    Does $2000 spent towards only AT&T products purchases or any purchase (out of AT&T like super market groceries or other online purchases like phone bills, cable bills etc). It was no where written in my terms and condition offers letter. I am surprised now with these conditions. Please let me know if anyone is facing same issue.

    • It shouldn’t be $2000 ATT spending, it’s $2000 spending of anything. You can call again and ask another representative.

  • kanika verma

    Is this deal still on in 2017 ?

    • There’s no sign-up bonus now, but you still can enjoy the 3x online benefit by converting from other Citi cards.

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