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List of Recently Launched Good Credit Cards (2018.12 Update)

2018.12 Update: 2018 will end soon, so this post is updated accordingly. Things change fast in the credit card game. There are always some cards discontinued every year, and there are also some good new cards launched every year. In this post, a list of recently launched good credit cards are presented in chronological order. The definition of “good” is subjective,…
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Magical Backdoor Numbers: Reconsideration Tips

What should I do if my credit card application was rejected, what about pending (further review): Try reconsideration lines of banks in USA! Whether through Internet or go to branch in US, it is very common to apply credit card without instant reply. Tragedy occurs when “we are sorry” pops out immediately after clicking “apply”. Don’t be upset. Catch your breathe…
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What Credit History Should I Have To Apply For Credit Cards? (2015.8 Update)

We often see such kind of questions in comments or forum: How difficult is it to get XX credit card? What credit history do I need to get XX credit card? Well, the correct answer is always: It depends, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). But there are still some statistics from the data points online. Here let’s summarize the (conservative)…
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