The Heaviest Credit Cards List (2024.7 Update: Robinhood Gold Card Real 10K Gold Version 36g!)

2024.7 Update: The new card Robinhood Gold Card real 10K gold version is 36g in weight! This is the heaviest ever credit card. However, this real 10K gold version is a limited time edition, and you have to refer 10 friends to get it, which is very difficult.

2022.11 Update: The new card US Bank Shopper is 14g in weight.

2022.7 Update: The new card Wells Fargo Autograph is 11g in weight.

Most credit cards are made of plastic of approximately 5 grams (g) of plastic, but some are made of metal. Not all metal cards have the same weight, which begs the question… which card is heaviest?

Robinhood Gold Card (real 10K gold version): 36g

Annual fee: $0 (note that you need to be a Robinhood Gold member to get this card which costs $6.99/month). Note: this real 10K gold version is a limited time edition, and you have to refer 10 friends to get it, which is very difficult. The photo below shows 37g, but the official website says it is 36g. The difference is measurement error.

JP Morgan Reserve: 27g

Annual fee: $450. You need to be a client of JP Morgan Private Bank in order to be eligible for this card (requires $10M investable assets).

Luxury Card MasterCard Gold Card: 22g

Annual fee: $995

Citi Prestige: 18g

Annual fee: $495. HT: reader Ray.

Citi AAdvantage Executive: 18g

Annual fee: $450

AmEx Centurion: 17g

Annual fee: $5,000. You have to be invited to apply for this card, there is no public application link. HT: reader erikfeifei.

AmEx Platinum: 17g

Annual fee: $550

HSBC Premier World Elite: 17g

Annual fee: $395. You need to have a HSBC Premier account in order to be eligible for this card. HT: reader Michael.

Capital One Venture X: 17g

Annual fee: $395

Capital One Savor: 17g

Annual fee: $95

Synchrony Verizon: 17g

Annual fee: $0

CNB Crystal: 17g

Annual fee: $400

Bilt Mastercard: 16g

Annual fee: $0.

US Bank Altitude Reserve: 16g

Annual fee: $400

Capital One Venture: 16g

Annuel fee: $95

Apple Card: 15g

Annual fee: $0

AmEx Gold: 15g

Annual fee: $250

AmEx Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant: 15g

Annual fee: $450

AmEx Delta SkyMiles Platinum: 15g

Annual fee: $250

US Bank Shopper: 14g

Annual fee: $95

AmEx Amazon Business Prime: 14g

Annual fee: $0

Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR): 13g

Annual fee: $450


Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP): 13g

Annual fee: $95


Chase Amazon Prime: 13g

Annual fee: $0

AmEx Delta Reserve: 12g

Annual fee: $550

Chase UA Club: 12g

Annual fee: $450

US Bank Altitude Go: 12g

Annual fee: $0

BoA Premium Rewards: 11g

Annual fee: $95. HT: Erik.

Wells Fargo Autograph: 11g

Annual fee: $0

Usual Plastic cards: 5g

Appendix: Discontinued Cards

Chase Ritz-Carlton: 28g! Annual fee: $450

Note: After Chase Ritz-Carlton stopped taking new applications in 2018.7 (you can still product change to this card), the material seems to have been replaced with less heavy metal.

New card (12g):

Old card (28g):


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