AmEx Centurion Card Review

American Express Centurion Card Review

What is American Express Centurion Card? Probably quite a lot of people have heard the story that a Centurion Card tempts numerous beauties in the bar. Then what is the card on earth?


  1. No pre-set credit limit and the credit limit could potentially be huge. It is, according to rumors, the only credit card that can buy a plane directly in the world.
  2. Made of Titanium with great texture.
  3. You can upgrade to first class with a discount when taking a number of airlines flight, and enjoy the VIP lounges.
  4. Ticket will be fully compensated if the delay of aircraft exceeds a certain extent.
  5. In many high-end hotels you can upgrade to the top membership card directly, and enjoy a variety of discounts.
  6. In many luxury brand shops you can enjoy the service of private shopper.
  7. In the Michelin restaurants you can enjoy the service offered by chef in person.
  8. Registration fee is only $10,000, and the annual fee is only $5,000.
  9. There are lots of other legends… For example:
    1. A guy bought a Hasselblad camera in USA. He found one corner of the camera slightly damaged after back home, and he had no idea whether it was bumped on the trip or product defect. Since he didn’t have the store’s number, he called the bank for help. Four hours later, the bank called back to inform that the new camera had been mailed by DHL Express and it was expected to receive within forty-eight hours. The man was moved and asked whether it was needed to send back the old one. The bank replied that they were very sorry to bring him so much trouble so that he could keep the defective one… but you know, it was Hasselblad after all!!!
    2. Once a cardholder’s daughter suddenly became ill and had to be hospitalized, that caused her unable to participate in the concert of idol rock band — the Red Hot Chili Peppers. To fulfill her wish, the exclusive consultant of Centurion Card managed to contact the brokerage firm of the band, and contributed to the lead singer of the band visiting the little fan before concert.
    3. In 2004 Southern Asian tsunami, Liu Yueping, the president of American Express Bank in Hong Kong Area then, mentioned in the media publicly that some cardholder of Hong Kong required the bank to assist his friend stranded on island, the bank sent the cash and flight ticket to the friend immediately.
    4. In the demonstration of Egypt at the beginning of 2011, a Taiwanese passenger traveling locally had to be stranded. As a cardholder of American Express Centurion Card, he called the bank, and after no more than 24 hours a private plane was dispatched specially to send him home safely.
    5. A tycoon of Hong Kong held a wedding ceremony in a remote village in Italy. He wanted to enjoy the lion dance in the wedding, while didn’t want all the performers to come from Hong Kong. It was August then, so many Italians were on vacation. But the representative of bank’s customer service still searched across Italy to find out a pair of Italians who learned Chinese Kung Fu and made them perform in that remote village.
    6. For example, a cardholder of Centurion Card in southern France called the customer service department of American Express Bank, saying that he took the same train with his car which was still on the train when he got off. Unexpectedly, the customer service department had successfully contacted the train company to find out the cardholder’s car by stopping the train and unloading the other goods, consequently enabling the cardholder to continue his travel.
    7. You may receive an invitation to the unique experience of life, such as playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods before United States Open Championship, or enjoying your flying experience with Buzz Aldrin, one of the first astronauts landing on the moon. And, of course, you need to pay the bill yourself.


  1. Do not accept applications, only sending invitation to the person American Express selects.


American Express Centurion Card deserves to be the king of credit card! It is the card in the legend, the symbol of the top status! If you receive an invitation, you should accept it without any hesitation… If not, there is no need to feel regretful, you can spend 50 RMB to buy one on (exactly the same looking, printing customized information on card, of course you can’t make real transactions with it)…

If you don’t receive an invitation nor do you want to use a fake card, there is another way. The high level charge card series from AmEx include: AmEx Centurion Card, AmEx Platinum Card, AmEx Premier Rewards Gold, AmEx Gold Card, and AmEx Green Card. In addition to the highest level Centurion, the others are easy to get approved. Please click the corresponding link to check for details.

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