BoA Virgin Atlantic (VS) Credit Card Review (2016.6 Update: 25k+50k Offer)

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Bank of America Virgin Atlantic World Elite MasterCard

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  1. 25k+50k: Earn 20,000 Virgin Atlantic (VS) Miles after the first purchase, earn 2500 VS Miles by adding an authorized user, up to 5000 VS Miles. Earn 50,000 VS Miles after spending $12,000 in first 6 months. You can earn 75k VS Miles in total.
  2. Earn 7,500 VS Miles each year (counting from the day approved) after spending $15,000; earn additional 7,500 VS Miles after spending $25,000. You can earn 15,000 VS Miles in total.
  3. We value VS Miles at 1.5 cents/point (Airline Miles Value), so (if you have a strong spending ability), you can earn 75k+15k=90k VS Miles, which worth about $1125+225=$1350.
  4. Earn 3 miles per $1 spent directly on Virgin Atlantic purchases and 1.5 miles per $1 spent on all other purchases
  5. You will earn 1 tier point for every $2,500 spent on Net Purchases with the card.
  6. If you spend at least $25,000 in Net Purchases using your card within a year (beginning on the date you open your account and continuing for every 12 month period thereafter), the primary cardholder will also qualify for an Economy companion reward ticket for half the standard miles of a reward economy seat, maximum one reward companion ticket per year.
  7. You can use your VS Miles to redeem for Delta, Virgin America, Hawaiian Airlines tickets, and we will have a beginner’s guide to VS Miles soon.
  8. No foreign transaction fee.


  1. $90 annual fee, NOT waived for the first year.
  2. The spending requirement is too high, $12k in the first 6 months, $25k in a year is a big burden for most people.

Recommended Application Time

  1. We recommend you apply for this card after you have a credit history of at least one year.
  2. You can have multiple same credit card from BoA. You must wait at least 90 days to apply for the same credit card, otherwise the application will be automatically cancelled.
  3. [New] 2/3/4 Rule: BoA will only approve you for at most: 2 cards per rolling 2 months; 3 cards per rolling 12 months; and 4 cards per rolling 24 months. Because their IT system hasn’t been fully updated yet, you may not get declined because of this rule. Instead, you may get approved at first, and then the account will be closed because of “approved in error”.


The sign-up bonus is decent. Virgin Atlantic is always a good airline, but its transportation power is mainly on Atlantic, so the 3x earning benefit is not useful for Pacific flyers. VS Miles are interesting, but we don’t recommend applying for this credit card until you know well about VS Miles, because the spending requirement is quite high and hard to accomplish.

After Applying

  • Click here to check BoA application status.
  • BoA reconsideration backdoor number: 877-383-0120 or 866-811-4108. It seems that the number is changing. Please inform us at once if it fails. The representatives here can get in touch with decision-makers directly.

Historical Offers Chart

Note: there is a 25k + 50k offer, but the spending requirement for the 50k part is too much, so I don’t count that as sign-up bonus.

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