Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR)

Introduction to Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) II: How to Use

Previously we talked about how to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards Points. And now it’s time to learn about how to redeem these points. Generally speaking, there are three options for UR point redemption. The following is a typical interface you’ll see when logging in your UR account, if you are a Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) card user: Click “Explore and…
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Introduction to Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) I: How to Earn

Recently the Chase Freedom $200 offer has been very popular, and now it’s the right time to introduce the Chase reward system to you: Ultimate Rewards (UR). This post is the first part, mainly discussing how to earn UR points, and the second part is Introduction to Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) II: How to Use. UR is the point system produced by…
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