Amex now offers a new kind of sign-up bonus: earn points for adding an authorized user!

Recently AmEx seems to make a lot of modifications to their system. For example, today some people can see the AmEx Platinum 100k pre-qualified offer even when they already have other Amex cards, this has never happened before. ThunderFat found another interesting new change: on the Amex official webpage, AmEx ED now offers a new kind of sign-up bonus: earn 5,000 points for adding an authorized user, see the picture above! Amex has never offered this kind of sign-up bonus before. Chase has sign-up bonuses for authorized users for a long time, I believe we all added an authorized user for bonus when we get Freedom/CFU/CSP. Unfortunately, the 10k+5k offer is not the best offer for ED, the best offer is 25k. Since the incognito mode method is not quite stable these days, we are not able to see higher offers for now. We are not able to verify whether Amex has the bonus for authorized user along with the 25k offer. Currently, we can’t find this kind of bonus on other cards.

Actually Amex has been offering some targeted bonuses for adding an authorized user for quite a while (they are NOT sign-up bonus) , does Amex find that authorized users are good for their revenue? Will Amex extend this kind of sign-up bonus for more cards? Let’s wait and see!

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