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AmEx Green Card Review (2018.8 Update: 25k Offer)

American Express Green Card Review Application Link AmEx Green. Possible to see 25k offer with $1,000 spending requirement. Note that you have to use the incognito mode or empty the cache in your browser to see the 25k offer. If you can only see the 15k, please try a few more times. Now the offer differs by location, you may need a VPN to…
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Introduction to AmEx Membership Rewards (MR) II: How to Use

  Recently, American Express has had a lot of large sign-up bonuses offers and many of you have obtained or will obtain many Membership Rewards (MR) points. What is the best way to use those points? We will introduce how to use those points and hope you can find the best way to use yours! You can click Introduction to…
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Introduction to Amex Membership Rewards (MR) I: How to Earn

AmEx Membership Rewards (MR) is one of the four major rewards point systems (MR, SPG, TYP, UR) in the United States. For quite a long time, competing with Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) system with its ability to earn points fast and flexibility to redeem points. Our review of Membership Rewards (MR) points consists of two parts: in this part we talk…
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