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Introduction to AmEx Membership Rewards (MR) II: How to Use

  Recently, American Express has had a lot of large sign-up bonuses offers and many of you have obtained or will obtain many Membership Rewards (MR) points. What is the best way to use those points? We will introduce how to use those points and hope you can find the best way to use yours! You can click Introduction to…
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How to Avoid Financial Review (FR) from Amex?

Several days ago Amex finally introduced the 100k offer for the Platinum Card as well as ED and BCE’s 25k/$250, lots of people applied and were approved for these offers. At the same time, however, Amex strengthened their efforts on Financial Review and recent data points show many users going through this process. In this post, we will briefly introduce the…
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Introduction to Amex Membership Rewards (MR) I: How to Earn

AmEx Membership Rewards (MR) is one of the four major rewards point systems (MR, SPG, TYP, UR) in the United States. For quite a long time, competing with Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) system with its ability to earn points fast and flexibility to redeem points. Our review of Membership Rewards (MR) points consists of two parts: in this part we talk…
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AmEx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (2015.8 Update)

About Credit Card Application 1. Does Amex limit the number of cards individual can keep? Unlike other banks, Amex has a limit that individual can only keep no more than 4 credit cards, including personal cards and business cards. Note that this restriction is only for credit card, charge cards such as Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) are not included, neither…
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AmEx Centurion Card Review

American Express Centurion Card Review What is American Express Centurion Card? Probably quite a lot of people have heard the story that a Centurion Card tempts numerous beauties in the bar. Then what is the card on earth? Benefits The credit limit is infinity, and it is, according to the legend, the only credit card that can buy a plane directly…
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AmEx Old Blue Cash (OBC) Credit Card Review (Discontinued)

Blue Cash from American Express (Old Blue Cash, OBC) Review Application Link This card no longer accepts new applications. If you are lucky to have this legacy credit card, you can still enjoy its original benefits. Benefits For your first $6,500 in purchases in a Reward Year (12 billing periods in a row beginning with the one that starts in…
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AmEx Morgan Stanley Credit Card Review

The Morgan Stanley Credit Card from American Express Review Application Link AmEx Morgan Stanley. You need to have a Morgan Stanley brokerage account in order to apply for this card. The easiest one is the Morgan Stanley Access Investing, it only requires $5,000 to open the account, and the annual fee is 0.35% of the investment amount. Historical Offers Chart