Use A Million Miles To Match The JetSmarter Membership (Expired)

2016.6.10 Update: Now if you send the email to ask for the match, you will get an automatic reply: they ended this promo earlier than planned due to the unexpected high demand. Screenshot.

Link of the Deal

What Is JetSmarter?

JetSmarter is a shared private jets company, it’s like Uber for private jets. Now it’s a pretty big company, and has a lot of investments. You can use an app to conveniently book private jets, and you don’t need to wait in a long queue like when you take usual flights. Besides, you may know some rich people on the private jets, and expand your network.

JetSmarter has several degrees of membership:  PAY AS YOU GO, SIMPLE, SMART, etc. You can get a trial PAY AS YOU GO membership as long as you download the app and register, but you need to pay every fight as a PAY AS YOU GO member. The next level is SIMPLE, you can take some free jets if you are a SIMPLE member. The annual fee for SIMPLE membership is $5000.

For being a SIMPLE member, you will get some chance to fly private jet for free. For example, JETSHUTTLE is a fixed routes service, and there are several free positions on every jet; JETDEALS also have some free positions for some specific routes. If you want to fly anytime anywhere, you can use PRIVATECHARTERS and SHAREDCHARTERS, they are not free but you need to be at least a SIMPLE member to use them.

The concept of token is important. The default token number is 1 for a SIMPLE member, which means you can only book 1 jet at the same time. You will get your token back when you finish the current reservation. So if you want to book a round trip, you must take the risk that there is no position for the return jet. It’s better to book a refundable normal flight ticket to make sure you are able to come back.

Match the SIMPLE Membership With One Million Miles!

Now JetSmarter has a great deal for us: as long as you have a million miles, they will give you SIMPLE membership for 3 months for free!

Here’s the official terms (they are quite unclear):

If you have 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles or credit card points, or if you hold elite status with a major airline, JetSmarter is giving you a three-month membership with:

  • Complimentary single-seat bookings on posted JETSHUTTLE routes worldwide
  • Complimentary single-seat bookings on empty-leg JETDEALS for spontaneous getaways
  • Access to on-demand whole aircraft PRIVATECHARTERS for you and your friends
  • Access to on-demand SHAREDCHARTERS customized to suit your schedule and shared with fellow members

To redeem:

  1. Download the free JetSmarter app, and complete the in-app registration.
  2. Send a photo or short video that provides verifiable proof that you meet the requirements for this offer to [email protected]. Email must contain your first and last name, and phone number.
  3. We’ll verify your submission, and notify you as soon as your free membership has been activated.

This  offer is valid until July 1, 2017 and redeemable for Simple membership only. Membership and any and all services offered by JetSmarter are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable agreements. JetSmarter may offer a number of programs, including whole aircraft charters, for which JetSmarter will act solely as member’s agent in arranging the flight, and Public Charters, for which JetSmarter will act as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. Seats obtained under the Public Charter Program are subject to the Public Charter rules contained in 14 CFR 380. JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA licensed and DOT registered air carriers.

The most important question is: does combined one million miles work, or does it have to be one million miles from a single program? Although they said it must be in a single program on Twitter, my own data point shows that, combined one million miles work as well! I have already received the confirmation from JetSmarter and already successfully booked my first private jet!

But we still don’t know what status counts as “elite status with a major airline” yet.


This is such a great deal for us, and I doubt it will last long. If you have a combined million miles sitting in your accounts, I suggest you try to match as soon as possible!

HT: reddit.

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