AmEx Referral Program: Now You Can Cross Over To Any AmEx Cards

It’s been a while that you can use your AmEx cobranded card to refer other related cards in the same series. For example, if you have the Delta Gold card, then you can refer Delta Gold, Delta Platinum & Delta Reserve, and their business version. This is true for Hilton series and Marriott series as well. Now AmEx further improved its referral program: now you can use AmEx’s own card to refer other cards, crossing over to ANY amex cards!

For example, this is a referral link generated from AmEx Green. Note this sentence: “…for this card or any of the cards with a referral offer”.

Now if we click “View all Cards with a Referral Offer” -> “All Personal Cards”:

You can see all the AmEx cards that are allowed to be referred:

The cobranded cards, or even business credit cards, are all there.

If you want to refer a specific card to your friend, you can click “Continue to Card Details” on this card, and then copy the link (which begins with ) to send to your friend.

Here’s a summary of which card can refer which cards:

  • AmEx cobranded cards (such as Marriott/Hilton Delta series) can refer the cards in the same series.
  • AmEx’s own cards (such as ED/EDP/BCE/BCP/Plat/Gold/Green) can refer all the AmEx cards that can be referred.
  • Some special cards that can not be referred (such as AmEx Platinum for Schwab/Ameriprise/Morgan Stanley and OBC) can not refer themselves, but can refer all the AmEx cards that can be referred.

So if you use card A to refer card B, how does AmEx give you the referral bonus, and how much? The conclusion is, no matter what card B is, you will earn the referral bonus based on the terms of card A. For example, using MR card to refer another card, you will earn MR points; similarly, using BCE/BCP to refer another card, you will earn cashback (reward dollars). More specifically, for example, if your friend used your referral link generated from AmEx Everyday to apply for a Hilton card, you will earn 10k MR as the referral bonus, and the upper limit is still 55k MR per calendar year. Obviously, it is better to use a card with higher referral bonus to generate the referral link. For example, your friend needs a Hilton card. If you use your Hilton card to refer him, you will only earn 20k Hilton points (worth about $100); you can also use your AmEx Everyday card to generate a link for Hilton card, then you will earn 10k MR (worth about $160). In this case, it’s better to use your AmEx Everyday card to refer your friend.

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