The Best Credit Cards For Cell Phone Protection Benefit (2023.11 Update)

2023.11 Update: Added AmEx Hilton Aspire.

2022.4 Update: Updated a lot of changes over the years. In particular: new card Bilt Mastercard and Capital One Venture X have this benefit; Chase IHG Premier no longer has this benefits.

In recent years, some credit cards start to offer cellular telephone protection benefit: as long as you pay your monthly wireless telephone bill with the specific credit card, you will get an insurance that covers damage and theft of your cell phone. You don’t need to use that credit card to purchase that cell phone.

Not all credit cards have this benefit. Here are the ones that currently have it:




Wells Fargo

Capital One

US Bank

Other Banks


The specific policies of different credit cards are slightly different. Here’s a summary:

Bank/CardDeductibleMaximum Liability per ClaimMaximum Liability per 12 month period
Chase Freedom Flex (CFF)$50$800$1,000 and 2 claims
Chase Ink Preferred (CIP)$100$6003 claims
AmEx premium cards$50$8002 claims
AmEx Hilton Aspire$50$8002 claims
Citi Prestige$50$1,000$1,500 and 5 claims
Wells Fargo cards$25$600$1,200
Bilt Mastercard$25$8002 claims
Capital One Venture X$50$8002 claims
US Bank Altitude Connect$25$6002 claims
US Bank Visa Platinum$25$6002 claims
Deserve Edu$50$600$1,000
Sofi Credit Card$50$800$1,000 and 2 claims
HSBC Elite$50$800$1,000
HSBC Premier World$50$600$1,000


There are some details that you need to pay attention. Let’s use this Guide to Benefit for Deserve Edu as an example:

  • You need to use this card to pay total bill of the wireless plan.
  • You are eligible for coverage the first day of the calendar month following the payment.
  • If you have other relevant insurance such as home insurance, rental insurance, etc., then you need to use these insurance first.
  • This insurance does not cover lost or “Mysteriously Disappear”.
  • You need to file the claim within 90 days (this time frame may vary by credit card).
  • Prepaid plans are not covered.
  • There are other details, and please read guide to benefit for your specific credit card for clarification.


Among the credit cards that offer cell phone protection benefit, Chase Ink Preferred (CIP) is the most suitable for wireless telephone bills because it can earn 3x UR points. If your cell phone is expensive, then Citi Prestige is a good choice because it has a large upper limit per claim ($1,000). Among the no annual fee credit cards, Chase Freedom Flex (CFF) is a good choice, because it has a decent upper limit per claim ($800) and a low deductible ($50).


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