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A Beginner’s Guide to Asiana Airlines (OZ) Asiana Club Miles

As a member of Star Alliance, Asiana Airlines (OZ) ranks No.2 in South Korean airlines. It operates many North American routes and provides much better service than many North American airlines. Very often, it offers affordable economy class and business class seats. OZ and South Korean No.1 airline – Korean Air (KE) not only have close destinations and similar service,…
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A Beginner』s Guide to Korean Air (KE) SKYPASS Miles

Korean Air (KE) has always been the desired airline of the author』s Sino-US round-trip. Compared with pit North America Airlines, KE fares much better in its comfort hardware and software and services.In this post, we will introduce how to use miles to redeem tickets in Korean Air membership Plan SKYPASS. 1. How to earn Korean Air SKYPASS miles 1. Earning…
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