US Treasury I-Bonds: How to Buy with a Credit Card and Earn 7.12% APR (with 0% APR float!)

Introduction From consumer spending to miles and points, it is tough to currently identify any market where a currency brings you more value today than a year ago. Inflation crushes purchasing power and in an inflationary environment “cash is trash,” leaving many wondering what to do with their savings account or emergency fund. The US Treasury offers a product called…
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Potential loophole of cashing out MR into Schwab Roth IRA [DON’T]

One of the perks of Amex MR is the convenient way to cash out at 1.25 cents/point using Schwab Platinum card. Unfortunately, there have been rumors recently that Schwab will cancel this benefit in the near future. Seeking to exploit the last opporunity, frequentmiler blogger suggested to cash out MR into a Roth IRA, rather than a brokerage account. This action has…
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