Beginner’s Guide

New Student Special: Which Credit Cards Are Easy to Get Approved As a Newbie? (2017 Update)

Which credit cards are suitable for newbies with no credit history? This post will briefly tell you how to apply for your first credit card. The first card is difficult to get, because when you just arrive in the US and have no idea about credit card and credit history, it’s hard to accept so much information. But here, I’ll just…
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New Student Special: Why Should I Use Credit Cards?

Welcome, freshmen! Maybe you always hear people talking about “credit card is devil”… However, that’s not exactly true, if you know how to play this game. As credit card geeks, we want to teach you how to get the most from credit cards. To begin with, this post is to straightforwardly introduce to you why credit card is the best payment method when you…
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Common Bank & Credit Card & Airlines & Hotels Abbreviations (2015.8 Update)

Click the link for more information. Welcome for comments if you think we should add more abbreviations. Bank & Credit Card Abbreviations AA: Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Credit Card, also American Airlines AA EXE: Citi AAdvantage Executive AF: Annual Fee AGC: American Express Gift Card AmEx: American Express Amex HH: AmEx Hilton HHonors Credit Card AOR: App-O-Rama, apply for several…
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