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Chase Amazon Prime Credit Card Review (2022.11 Update: $150 Offer)

Chase Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Review 2022.11 Update: The welcome offer is now $150. Update: Don’t apply now! There will be a $200 welcome offer from 11.22 to 11.30! 2022.8 Update: The welcome offer is now lowered to $100. 2022.7 Update: The new welcome offer is $200. Offer ends on 2022.7.29. Application Link Chase Amazon Prime Benefits $150 offer:…
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AmEx Amazon Business Prime Credit Card (2020.10 Update: $125 Offer; 5% Cap Is Effective)

Amazon Business Prime American Express Card Review 2020.10 Update: Reminder: the cap of 5% cashback is now effective. Also, based on recent data points, AmEx now only allow you to hold one of this card at a time, therefore you can’t increase the cap by holding multiple of this card. 2020.6 Update: The offer is now $125. Effective Oct.1, you…
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Amazon Allowance Guide (2015.8 Update)

2015.8 Updated: Amazon Allowance now has a minimum amount of each transaction: $5 (The transactions that have already been setup will still work fine). The EDP strategy is no longer suitable while the BBR is still good. The Better Balance Rewards (BBR) issued by BoA is a credit card with distinctive features. Its rewards are based on payment on time rather than…
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