Now It Is Possible to Get the $350 AF Offer for Citi Prestige in Branch without Citigold!

Let me first summarize the previous consensus about the annual fee (AF) of the Citi Prestige. If you are a Citigold client, you get a $350 AF offer no matter you apply online or in branch; if you are not a Citigold client, then the annual fee is $450. There was one exception: even if you are not a Citigold client, you could go to a branch and ask the banker to use the Citigold form to complete the application in order to get the $350 AF offer, the trick is to leave the Citigold number blank. But now you can not apply in this way any more.

The good news is, the application process in branch has been changed! Now you only need the banker to check the “Citigold” option in their computer, and the system will NOT verify anything, there is no place for you to provide any information about Citigold, and you can see the $350 AF offer! If you apply in this way, the terms will show $350 annual fee, but there is no “Citigold” at all in the entire terms!

The following photo of terms is from reader Niko:



He carefully took the picture along with the detailed terms! From which we can see, there is no “Citigold” at all in the entire terms, however, the annual fee is $350!

Also thanks reader Lonaysta Hou for providing the information about the change of the application process (1,2,3)!

What’s more, some people reported that they can even see the $350 offer directly without stating they are Citigold clients! Data points: reddit user tariqabjotucuittle, and ducius.

I suggest people who want the Citi Prestige but not Citigold go to a branch and have a look, the banker could possibly check “Citigold” for you, or even better they could possibly see the $350 AF offer directly! No matter what the result is, data points are welcome!

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