10k AmEx MR Per Account with Pay Over Time (Non-Unique Link + Offer Code)


[2019/03/13 Update] – I just received another mailer for a Business Gold card with a new link to try if you have been unsuccessful enrolling thus far.

AmEx is sending out physical mailers for a promotional offer where charge card holders can earn 10,000 MR points per account by enrolling in the  “Pay Over Time” feature. There are no additional requirements to earn the 10k MR – just sign up.  Both my wife and I received these mailers on the same day. The interesting thing is that the mailers contain a non-unique link that allow you to check for “Pay Over Time” eligibility on all of your AmEx charge cards at once. The mailer does not reference any particular account or account type.

Follow the link and sign into your AmEx account to check eligibility. I was eligible on 5 accounts that were never previously targeted, including one personal Platinum account, three Gold cards, and one Green card.

Alternatively, the mailer also says you can call 1-866-281-4438 and mention Offer Code: GCOR:0004. People have previously had luck signing up for Pay Over Time via phone, so if you aren’t eligible through the link included above, try giving this number a call.

Mailer states the offer expires April 11, 2019, but the link says the offer expires on April 30, 2019.



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