Citi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (2015.8 Update)


About Credit Card Application

1. Is there a limitation on the number (or credit limit) of Citi credit cards?

There is no limitation of the number of credit cards you can have. But there should be a maximal total credit limit you can have on Citi, which is usually related to your credit history as well your annual income.

2. Can I apply for 2 Citi credit cards in the same day?

No, you can’t. Since 2014, Citi has change its policy so that applicants can only apply for one credit card within 8 days and two credit cards within 65 days, even if the application is not approved.

3. Can I apply for Citi credit card without SSN?

Yes, you can, but you need to apply in branch. It’s worth mentioning that ThankYou Preferred for College Student is friendly to people without SSN as well as people with no credit history. It’s a good card to start building your credit history.

4. I have got a sign-up bonus before. Can I get another sign-up bonus when I apply for a new card?

You can, but not if you have opened or cancelled a card during the last 18 months. Keep in mind that product change is counted as canceling cards.

5. I saw an annual fee of $450 on the Citi Prestige Card website. Why others told me the annual fee is $350?

The annual fee is $450 if you apply online unless you are a CitiGold customer. But the annual fee is $350 if you apply in branch, even if you’re not a CitiGold customer.

6. Can I request rush delivery on my new Citi credit card?

Well, not many people get that, but there is no cost to try it anyway.

7. Can I transfer credit limit from another Citi credit card to open a new Citi credit card?

It’s hard to tell. YMMV. You can have a try if you’re not approved.

8. Which credit bureau does Citi pull?

Typically Experian. But it depends on the state you are in.

9. Why can’t I add my Hilton card in Citi to my original online account?

It happens to some people. Try calling Citi or registering a new account.

10. What should I do if I got an instant decline?

It’s not easy to be approved by Citi. Try calling the reconsideration number, it’s easier to get approved there, and it’s no harm to try.

11. I’ve heard that I can’t be approved for new Citi credit cards if I have more than 6 Hard Pulls within last 6 months. Is that true?

Not always. Some people got approved with more than 6 hard pulls within last 6 months.

12. Which Citi credit card is the easiest one to get approved?

According to the data points online, Citi co-branded cards are easier to get. Besides, ThankYou Preferred for College Student requires no SSN/credit history. You should consider it if you are new to credit cards.

13. Does Citi Double Cash (DC) worth applying?

It always worthwhile to have a Double Cash, but you don’t need to apply for it directly since there is no sign-up bonus and thus not worth a hard pull. You can consider changing your other Citi credit card (which you don’t need anymore) to it.

About Rewards

1. Will my ThankYou Points (TYP) expire?

TYP earned by Citi Forward (no longer accept new application) will expire after 5 years, while TYP earned by other credit cards will never expire. If you close a card (including product change), TYP accumulated by that card will expire after 30 days. When you use TYP, system will automatically use TYP with earliest expiration date. So basically you don’t need to worry about your TYP expiration until your card is closed.

2. Can I transfer my TYP to others?

Yes, you can. But the transferred TYP will expire after 90 days.

3. Can I match a better offer in Citi?

Yes, you can. Go for it!

4. Do I need to choose an airline for the Citi Prestige $250 air travel credit?

No, you don’t. Unlike AmEx, this air travel credit will be reimbursed automatically when you make qualifying purchases, including airfares.

5. Does Citi have retention offer?

Of course you can. Actually, Citi’s retention offers are really great. According to data points, many people have got great offers like additional 4x on groceries/gas/pharmacy, or additional 2x everywhere. Usually there are more than one retention offers for an account, it’s better to choose when you know them all.

6. When I renew my old Citi Forward, is the 5x bonus categories still be available?

Yes, there will. Renew your card will not change the benefits of your card. Legacy Citi Forward card is one of the best credit cards out there, don’t close it if you have. Notice that Citi Forward approved in a period don’t have bonus categories, but that only depends on when you first got approved for Citi Forward; renewing/replacing your card shouldn’t change your bonus categories. If you find your Citi Forward no longer has bonus categories after being renewed/replaced, you should call customer services and ask them to resume your original benefits.

7. Does Citi Prestige has 3x points on MPX?


8. Can I transfer TYP to AA miles?

No, you can’t, at least for now.

Credit Limit

1. How often can I request Credit Limit Increase (CLI) for Citi?

You can request a credit limit increase every 6 months.

2. Will there be a Hard Pull when requesting a Credit Limit Increase (CLI) for Citi?

When requesting a credit limit increase online, if it says “A credit bureau report will NOT be requested and you will receive an instant decision”, then it’s a Soft Pull; if it says a credit report will be request and ask for continue, then it’s a Hard Pull. Multiple CLI requests within 6 months will be declined automatically without a Hard Pull.

3. Where can I request a Credit Limit Increase (CLI) on Citi website?

Log on to Citi website, click Account Management above the page, and you will find “Request a Credit Line Increase” link under “Credit Card Service Requests” section.

4. Although it’s not a question, we still want to remind you that sometimes there will be Hard Pull when transferring credit limit between different Citi credit cards, so you should try to avoid that.

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