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AmEx Platinum Card for Schwab Review (2022.3 Update: 100k Offer)

American Express Platinum Card for Schwab Review 2022.3 Update: The +10x on restaurant and shop small part of welcome offer is expired. The current offer is 100k. 2021.10 Update: New benefit [Complementary Walmart+ membership]: Pay your Walmart+ membership with your AmEx Platinum card, and you will get full credit back ($12.95/month). 2021.9 Update: The cash out rate is changed from 1.25 cpp…
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Charles Schwab Debit Card Review: No ATM Fee Worldwide

Charles Schwab Visa Platinum Debit Card (Charles Schwab ATM Card, Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account) Review People who frequently travel abroad often wonder what the best debit card is to withdraw cash while travelling, as merchants in many countries may not accept credit cards. However, most debit cards have exorbitant fees when withdrawing from privately owned ATMs or those…
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