Magical Backdoor Numbers: Reconsideration Tips


What should I do if my credit card application was rejected, what about pending (further review): Try reconsideration lines of banks in USA!

Whether through Internet or go to branch in US, it is very common to apply credit card without instant reply. Tragedy occurs when 「we are sorry」 pops out immediately after clicking 「apply」. Don』t be upset. Catch your breathe and look up reconsideration line in the phone book, then dial!

Backdoor number or reconsideration line is a non-public (or semi-public) bank customer service phone. By dialing this number, you can reach the personnel in charge of verify credit card directly to reveal your application status and ask for reconsideration after been rejected. Some service personnel with high authority can even decide whether you』re declined or not on the spot. So, it is necessary to learn how to call reconsideration line.

1. When to call

In general, it is available within 30 days since been rejected. It is also feasible to call after been informed the reason of rejection.

2. Preparation before calling

Basic information required before calling.

  • Personal information like name, birth date, address and social security number should be fully aware of. Be sure to remember them LOL.
  • Know about your credit: how many points do you have for now, how many cards in total, whether all cards repayments have been made on time, HP quantity in reports of three major offices, and in recent period.
  • Know your financial situation: do you have grave debt in statement balance card? How much do you have in your account? Do you have credit cards in other banks?
  • Basic information of cards: card features, reasons for apply for it.
  • If you』ve already been rejected (or highly likely been rejected), think about the reasons, so that your can explain in phone.

3. General process after calling answered

Just call when ready! The earlier, the better. And you』ll be reached soon.

  1. First of all, personal information will be required.
  2. Apply document will be pulled out.
  3. Persuade the customer service.
  4. The result be notified on the spot; if further reviewed is necessary, more documents will be required.
  5. possible outcomes:
  • Approve! Congrats! You can ask for delivery priority.
  • Needs further review, or submit more documents. Just do as requested and call the line after hand in the documents.
  • Rejection again. Ask whether you could get a new card by using credit from the cards you have in the bank. If not, call later. You may get different reply if the service personnel are different. However, you』d better give up if get rejected several times, for your current credit is indeed unqualified.

4. Questions & Strategies & Tips

When communicating with representatives, if you are prepared for some questions, it would be very helpful to get approved!

1. Why do you apply for this credit card?

You can list advantages of this card, such as annual fee free, good benefits, superior looking, etc. In short, your behavior should reflect your desire for this card, you』ll use it frequently and keep it long term. Never show your affection for rewards of opening it.

2. Why do you apply so frequently recently?

Stress your desire for it and you』ll die without it. Just a joke. And then, show your outstanding ability to manage accounts and you』ll never fall into disorder with so many cards. And, there』s no financial crisis. Besides, it』s also suggested to emphasis that you need different cards to manage different expense, etc. In brief, impress the customer service on your brilliant ability to manage several cards easily.

3. If rejected, but you own credit cards of banks of Chase, Citi, Barclaycard and BoA, try to consult whether it』s ok to use credit of those cards to open this card. It』s really helpful but without certainty.

4. Try to show that your loyalty of the bank and you』ve been using credit card for long. You can also show your long-term decent credit history.

5. Be nice, be polite. Say thank you and call again when getting declined or facing bad attitude instead of quarreling. Actually, you should wait patiently if there』s no outcome immediately, for they』re under no obligation to make decision at once.

5. Back door numbers and features of each customer service

5.1. Chase

Chase: 888-270-2127 or 888-609-7805; or 800-436-7927 to check application status

Keep it in mind. And call it if you didn』t get approve immediately. Your personal information will be acquired and they will then review it. You seldom answer questions, instead, just enjoy the music and then you get approved or rejected, or further information is needed to be hand in to the branch or online faxed.

5.2. Citi

Citi: 605-331-1698; or 888-201-4523 to check application status

In the past, Citibank was so disappointing that there』s no Recon in truth. They only accept letter and you would be hard pull again. Now, a lot of improvement and I』ve tried the so called Citi EO Recon, it works.

However, different from Chase, Citi will send your application to another dep. for human review. Generally, human review is less strict than automatic system. Especially more lax if you』re rejected by automatic system for excessive HP. So, try Recon right away!

5.3. Amex

Amex: 877-399-3083; or click here to check application status

The 「real」 backdoor number of Amex is well protected. Different from Chase, the representatives from this AmEx backdoor number only have the right to help you submit requests.

However, this number is useless as long as there』s no bad credit report or you already own several Amex cards, for compared with the other banks, it』s more easier to get approved in Amex.

5.4. Bank of America

Bank of America: 877-383-0120 or 866-811-4108; or click here to check application status

It seems that the number is changing. This one was found in Flyer Talk. And please inform us at once if it fails. The representatives here can get in touch with decision-makers directly. If you were declined for student identity, try your best to praise them, moving credit may also work.

5.5. Barclaycard

Barclaycard: 866-408-4064; or click here to check application status

This bank tends to ask various questions and you must know all the answers about personal information and credit report. Besides, you may get HP again, but will be informed in advance. Therefore, think carefully before calling.

6. Will there be Hard Pull for Recon?

Generally, there』ll be no HP after Recon, except Barclaycard. And you』ll be informed before HP and without your agreement the process will not proceed.

Another possibility is that you disagree with rejection reason. For example, its reject cause is different from your credit report, or your report have changes and differs from the one pulled out when applying, or you haven』t call Recon long after last rejection until now. If you need to prove that your report is qualified, then you have to empower them to pull you once (Go for another credit bureau, so you will not be pulled in one bureau for multiple times) .You must hold your fate within your own hands. Don』t authorize them to pull again. Just wait for one or two months and Recon again.

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