How to Save Money on Amazon


Amazon is one of my favorite online shopping website. It contains almost all you want, and its Prime membership are well worth its $99 annual fee.

0. Sign-up Bonus

If you haven’t joined Amazon Prime/Amazon Student before, use our link to register for Amazon Student, then you can not only enjoy your free 6 month trial for Amazon Prime, but also get $5 reward.

1. Introduction

As one of the biggest online shopping website in the US, it’s almost visited by everyone. Amazon Prime offers unlimited free 2 day shipping, unlimited picture storage, and online movies and musics. By Amazon Prime, you won’t need worry about the inefficiency of postal services, don’t need to pay for your Netflix and iTunes.

2. Amazon Student

Amazon is especially nice to students. All student can apply for Amazon Student to get free 6 month trial Amazon Prime, though you can’t get free movies and free musics, but you can enjoy your free 2 day shipping. Even though after your free trial period, you can pay for the Prime for only half the price, and you can enjoy free movies and free musics at that time!

3. Suitable Credit Cards

There are huge amount of credit cards out there. Among them, which one is most suitable for Amazon and for you?

3.1. Discover it

In Q4, Discover it has 5% cashback on Amazon. If you registered the double cash back promotion, you can then get 10% cashback!

3.2. Chase Freedom

In Q4, Chase Freedom has 5x UR points on Amazon. UR points have high value, don’t miss it if you like UR!

3.3. Sallie Mae (SM) (Legacy)

This is a great card which become unavailable for new applications recently. Amazon was a book seller in early days, and now it became a giant in online shopping, but it is still treated as bookstore by credit cards. That’s why you can get 5% cashback by Sallie Mae.

3.4. Citi Forward (Legacy)

New comers can only be jealous, because this card is not available for new applications. For the lucky people who got this card, use it on Amazon without hesitation! 5x ThankYou Points (TYP) is like 8% rewards, it can almost beat any other card.

3.5. Citi AT&T

You can get a free phone with this card, besides, you can get 3x TYP on online shopping. But newbies shouldn’t apply for it in an early stage, it’s better to try it after you have a credit history for at least one year.

3.6. Amazon Reward Card / Store Card

Credit cards co-branded by Amazon itself, these 2 cards are not so good by means of either sign-up bonus or everyday cashback, so don’t apply for them!

4. Indirect Path

Many merchants sell Amazon Gift Cards. So you can use some credit cards to buy Amazon Gift Cards with high rewards. Amazon Gift Cards can be redeemed to your own account, so you don’t need to worry about theft.

Note that even though you might get high reward rate for Gift Cards, you loose the credit card perks such as extended warranty, so be careful about this when buying expensive stuff.

4.1. Supermarket

Blue cash Preferred (BCP)AmEx EveryDay Preferred (EDP)Sallie Mae (SM) are all good choices.

4.2. Gas Station (such as 7-11)

Sallie Mae (SM), BoA 123, etc.

4.3. Amex Offer

If you happen to see Amazon Gift Cards in merchants participating Amex Offer, such as BestBuy, Staples, then you can save a lot of money with it.

5. Shopping Portals

How can one miss shopping portals when doing online shopping? Compared to directly input, you can get extra money on top of credit card rewards just by clicking through shopping portals, why not do it?

5.1. Giving Assistant

New user can get $5 if you use our link to register. You won’t get $5 if you register on official website directly.

It used to give 5% cashback on Amazon. But now they stopped doing this any more.

5.2. Other portals

Different portals have different cashback categories in different time. Although it’s not as good as Giving Assistant to have cashback on all Amazon purchases, if you happen to need the specific category, that’s still very good. For example, many portals offer high cashback for clothing and musical instruments. TopCashBack (TCB) has 6% cashback. This doesn’t require 「sold and fulfilled by amazon」.

6. Conclusion

Amazon has great customer services, huge amount of stuff, perfect Prime membership, and all kinds of deals. Although Amazon might not be the cheapest place, but it must be the most convenient place. By this post, what can stop you to buy buy buy on Amazon?

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