An Experience at SFO Centurion Lounge


Followed my experience in the Centurion Lounge in LAS, I, the fatty guy, went to SFO (San Francisco International Airport). Of course I cannot miss the opportunity to experience the Centurion Lounge in SFO. Centurion Lounge in LAS or in SFO, which would be the better one?

SFO Centurion Lounge is across from Boarding Gate 74 and Boarding Gate 75 of Terminal 3. It is also the only way to International Terminal.


The two front desk waiters of the lounge are very friendly.

After swiping the platinum card and boarding pass, I came to the reception desk. The receptionist said: oh, you just come from LAS. Isn』t our lounge there pretty good? Haha Yes, of course, it is fairly good within the United States.


I guess it is a group of people who travel together and they are discussing something.

To be honest, after entering into the lounge, I feel it is much smaller than the one in LAS. Actually it shouldn』t be smaller that much. It is probably because of the large number of people that make me feel that way. Many of my friends say the lounge in SFO is overcrowded. Maybe it is because I go there not at peak times, so it is not difficult for me to find a seat tohave a rest. Compared with the spacious lounge in LAS, the lounge here is really a much more bustling place.


This bed is much smaller than that in LAS.

The bed is behind the wall where the group of people are sitting, and is near the entrance. Assuredly, it is noisyto rest here. I personally think it is improper for Amex to put the bed here.


The desk is the same as that in LAS. It seems that the handsome guy who is making a call has found me secretly taking photos of them.


Seeing from the office desk, the rest area is really crowded here.

Turn right after the entrance is the rest area shown in the above picture. Both the space and the position are truly smaller than those in LAS. I』m afraid it is indeed hard to find a seat to rest when there are lots of people. You can image that. Because of timelimitation, I didn』t stay at the rest area for a longtime but went directly to the dining area on the other side.


As a matter of fact, the food here is almost the same as that in LAS. Nothing special.


Bar counter, I didn』t ask for wine….otherwise what shouldI do if I am in a drunken fit when board the plane?


Dining area. I chuckled to myself when there is one vacant seat, but only to find it is reserved when looking down on the table.

We can still see there are plenty of people. What』s more, some of the tables are booked in advance. I see no point in reserving this kind of table. Amex, you should provide more VIP rooms to pretend to be nobler.


I thought at first sight that the cake in the upper right corner of the picture was beefsteak. Later I found I thought too much into it.


Actually I drank a little wine finally. But I dared not to ask for much because I get drunk easily. The pudding in the upper left corner is quiet good, so I recommend it to you.

A rather terrible thing happened when I was enjoying the meal: people who take the same plane began to board!! I was still eating my drumstick!! I remembered a wrong boarding time! I even planned to nap after the meal.

So am I really going to miss my plane? Missed it? Look at me full of pride you should know I didn』t miss my plane. Because the boarding gate is opposite to the Centurion Lounge. I boarded the plane as soon as I finished eating. Am I disappoint you?hahaha

Finally, to sum up, the biggest drawback of the Centurion Lounge in SFO is its small space and crowded people. The workers there are really nice. The food is average. I am afraid this place will fail your need to pretend to be noble in a quiet place.

Thank you for your support! See you next lounge!

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