Giving Assistant Review — 20% Off on Amazon, ends on 11.1!

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2015.10.21 Update: Today there’s an email from Giving Assistant, which says they will stop offering 5% cashback on Amazon begins on 11.1! If you need to shop at Amazon in the near future, be hurry to stock pile some Amazon Gift Cards!

We』ve been so fortunate to be able to offer you a very generous 5% cash back rate at one of your favorite online stores, Amazon.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. We』ve been notified by Amazon that we will no longer be able to offer 5% cash back, effectiveNovember 1 at 12:01am Pacific Time.

$#%&! We get it. It』s such a bummer.

The silver lining? You』ve still got time to shop. All qualifying purchases made at Amazon through October 31st will receive 5% cash back.

Amazon is almost the most frequently used shopping website in the United States for its wide variety of products, good customer service attitude as well as reassuring after-sales service. Naturally, it becomes one of the preferred online shopping websites for the international students in North America. In addition to the Amazon cash back generated by credit card, customers could get extra cash back through the Shopping Portals. Among them, the most awesome cash back website should be Giving Assistant, because it surpasses in all aspects other Amazon cash back websites. Although we have mentioned it in How to Save Money on Amazon, it is necessary for us to make special introduction to some details and skills.

  1. The cash back rate is 5% for all products without category limit.
  2. Cash back directly enters into the debit card without exchanging Gift Card.
  3. There is almost no limitation on the cash amount for exchange, even I dollar could exchange, while the starting point of many other shopping websites is 10 dollars.
  4. Giving Assistant closes the account daily while some other cash back websites settle the account every month or every three months.
  5. The most unbelievable part is that the cash back rate for Amazon Gift Card is also 5%. Assuming that you buy something that is $100, you can buy a $100 gift card through the Giving Assistant to earn 5% cash back, then buy things with this $100 gift card to earn another 5% cash back on the Giving Assistant. So in this way the total rate is 5%+5%=10%. If the above rate goes together with the Amazon cash back rate 5%*2 on $1500 on Discover It, the cash back rate is 20% for all products in Amazon.


Cash back on Giving Assistant is pretty awesome. However, there are somethings we need to pay attention to. Otherwise neglecting of them leads to the failure of cash back identification. The official website provides some guidance (as showed in the above figure) on Amazon Cask Back. We would like to summarize it again as follows:

  1. You can only earn cashback from stuff “sold by”
  2. Don』t put things you want to buy in the shopping cart in advance and then buy them through the Giving Assistant. You must enter into Amazon via Giving Assistant and then put things into the shopping cart. Save for Later goods can be added. You can click buy it again to buy goods you have brought before under my orders.
  3. Don』t disable cookies. For example, Chrome incognito mode and Safari private mode will lead to the failure of cookies』 normal use and get no cash back.
  4. Don』t disable Ads. For instance, Chrome』s AdBlock plugin needs to be disabled and then you can use Giving Assistant.
  5. After entering Amazon links via Giving Assistant you must complete the purchase within 24 hours or the tracking will fail.
  6. Discover is not available to the binding debit card. I tried three times and failed. BoA and Chase are ok.

It is time to show off my achievements. I have gained several cash back from Giving Assistant. Now I would like to display the biggest one in this month.


Last but not the least, if you direct register the website you cannot get $5 cash back. But If you register via refer you will get $5 cask back. Here is the link: Giving Assistant.

P.S. The original purpose of this website is to let you donate a portion of your cashback to people in hunger… You can go and set it up, donate to charity while earning cashback, so that make it a better world!

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