Welcome to the Credit Card Gamers Slack Team!

What is Slack?

Slack is designed to be a instant message tool for teams, like all those chat groups but is much more powerful. We tried Slack for a while, and the suddenly have an idea: Slack can be a very suitable tool for churners to communicate and chat!

Major Slack Features

Compared to other chat groups, Slack has the following advantages:

  • Apart from the default channel #general, we can build other channels and users can choose whether to join them. For example, we have already created channels based on major airports, then you can join the specific channel to discuss location specific questions. We can also create channels for popular destinations if people would like to see them. Just @ me in Slack and I can create channels for you. Click “Channels (19)” on your left, and then you can see the list of channels.
  • If you want to reply to a message that was sent a while ago, you can “create a thread” and then people knows which message you are replying.
  • If you are “@ed”, and then 999+ messages are flooded, you still don’t need to worry how to find where you are @ed. In Slack there’s a specific place (top right corner) to see where you are mentioned.
  • Slack works on all platforms: web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.
  • You can mute channels. For example, if #general becomes really noisy, you can mute it.
  • You don’t need to give Slack your phone number. Email address is enough to create an account.
  • Although you are asked to input your First name, Last name, and username when register, actually only the username is required.
  • If you try it for a while, you will find why I love to use it to communicate!

How to Join our Slack Team?

(If you are not able to click the “get my invite”, you can try this link instead.)

Is there any rules?

No advertisements, no referral links.

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