Earn $50 profit + $1,393 in CC Spend with the US Mint – Great Way to Meet Min. Spend!


PFS Buyer’s Club is a group that allows you to pre-register for the ability to sell them limited-edition coins before they go on sale from the US Mint. The process is simple. Register and “opt-in” for the deal with PFS, buy and receive the coin you paid for with a credit card from the US Mint, mail the coin to PFS with the prepaid label they send you, and a few days later PFS will send you money which can be cashed out via PayPal or check

I have used this service in the past with great success. I just received word that Thursday, September 6 at 12:00 pm EST will be another opportunity to do this.

Note that USCreditCardGuide has no affiliation with PFS Buyer’s Club. We are simply passing on a way to easily knock out some minimum spend and earn points while making a little bit of money.


Link to the deal.

Effectively you opt-in to the deal, buy the limited edition coin that is being released September 6 at noon EST for $1,392.45 (including $4.95 shipping), and PFS will pay you $1,443 for it. Once received, you mail the coin (unopened) to PFS via a pre-paid shipping label they provide you. You profit $50.55 per coin and earn $1,392 in credit card spend. It really is that easy.

Note there is a (1) coin per household limit from the US mint for this deal. As described below, signup space for these deals are limited.


  1. Register for an account with the US Mint PRIOR to the deal going live, as the coins often sell out quickly. Be sure to input the shipping address where you want the coin to be delivered, in addition to the credit card you are going to pay with. This is important, as the US Mint servers can get bogged down when a deal goes live.
  2. Register for an account with PFS Buyer’s Club (this is a referral link; thanks in advance if you use it).
  3. Click the Opt in button to opt in to the deal.
  4. At 12:00 PM eastern on September 6, you will purchase (1) limited-edition coin.
  5. The coin will ship to your address on file with the US Mint.
  6. Input your US Mint Order Number in your 「My Orders」 page of your PFS Buyer’s Club account.
  7. Keep the box sealed (very important!) once it arrives from the US Mint.
  8. Ship the coin to PFS Buyer’s Club via the prepaid return label they provide you within 3 days of receiving the coin.
  9. Wait to receive a receipt from PFS Buyer’s Club once the coin has been delivered.
  10. Cash out from your PFS Buyer’s Club account once you are credited for selling them the coin, which occurs within 7-days of them receiving it.

Commitment to Fulfill

PFS makes money by negotiating the sale of these coins prior to receiving them. They allocate a certain number of spaces for registration prior to the coin going on sale with the assumption that everyone who signs up will purchase the coin and sell it to them.

Signup space for the deal is limited. If you will not follow through with the deal, please don’t signup and take the space of someone who would have completed the deal. The payout amount for the coin is set the moment you opt-in, so you don’t need to worry about fluctuations in the coin value. Based on my experiences, PFS has always paid within the time frame they commit to.

For previous deals, readers have posted that the opt-in space was full and they didn’t get a chance to participate. Again, if you are not 100% committed to following through, please don’t sign up.

Legitimacy, Security, Etc.

  • I know many people that have used PFS Buyer’s Club in the past, and have never heard of any issues with them. That said, we are simply giving you a tool that has worked in the past. Following through with the deal is up to you and your individual risk tolerance.
  • As mentioned before, I have used this service many times and have never had an issue. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer. 

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