Don’t Like the New Amex Account Design? Here’s The Link To A (Very) Old Design!

These days, banks are constantly changing their online account design. The intent is good of course: they want users to have better experiences. However, sometimes new designs are worse. Yesterday (2017.06.12), AmEx changed its design again. I feel that the new design is mainly for mobile users. If you visit on your computer/laptop, the information density is very low. Besides, it’s not as easy to access all your cards if you have a lot.

Luckily, we saved a direct link to a very old design and it still works: here is the direct link.

This is what it looks like:

The advantages of this old design are:

  1. Information density is high, you can see all your cards in one place, and it’s easy to find and change cards.
  2. You can see all Amex Offers directly, there’s no need to click “view all”.
  3. It’s really fast.

If you also like this old design, you can bookmark it to revisit it conveniently.


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