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British Airways Visa Signature® Card Review (2021.7 Update: 100k Offer)

British Airways Visa Signature® Card Review 2021.6 Update: The new offer is 100k, and this time the spending requirement is not so huge any more: $5,000 in 3 months. 2021.2 Update: The welcome offer is now 50k + Travel Together Ticket. 2019.8 Update: The new offer is 50k after $3k spend and an another 50k after an additional $20k spend….
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Maximizing Compensation When Things Go Wrong in Flight

While overbooking and involuntary denied boarding compensation have been in the news a lot recently, airlines also offer compensation when their service and equipment falls short in other ways.  Recently, my wife and I were flying on paid British Airways Club World (business class) tickets from London to the West Coast of North America when we ran into a couple…
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A Beginner』s Guide to British Airlines (BA) Executive Club Miles

Update: Starting from 2016.2.2, BA miles will be devalued. The reward flights in the north America that currently require 4,500 miles will cost 7,500 in the future, flights in others distances are not affected. Other than that, there might be bugs when you use British Airways website to search for American Airlines tickets. We suggest you use the AA website to…
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