AmEx Summaries

AmEx Incognito Big Offers Now Have Direct Links! (Dead Now)

2016.11.23 22:00 PST Update: all the following links are dead now. The lifetime was 6 hours since the first discovery. Thanks to sirtheta on reddit, now we have direct links to AmEx incognito big offers! No more VPN and failed tries! Use incognito mode to open the following links. Please make screenshots before applying to prepare for possible troubles! BCE $250+$200…
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How to Avoid Financial Review (FR) from Amex?

Several days ago Amex finally introduced the 100k offer for the Platinum Card as well as ED and BCE』s 25k/$250, lots of people applied and were approved for these offers. At the same time, however, Amex strengthened their efforts on Financial Review and recent data points show many users going through this process. In this post, we will briefly introduce the…
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AmEx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (2015.8 Update)

About Credit Card Application 1. Does Amex limit the number of cards individual can keep? Unlike other banks, Amex has a limit that individual can only keep no more than 4 credit cards, including personal cards and business cards. Note that this restriction is only for credit card, charge cards such as Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) are not included, neither…
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