New Student Special: Why Should I Use Credit Cards?


Welcome, freshmen! Maybe you always hear people talking about “credit card is devil”… However, that’s not exactly true, if you know how to play this game. As credit card geeks, we want to teach you how to get the most from credit cards.

To begin with, this post is to straightforwardly introduce to you why credit card is the best payment method when you shop around in the US.

Briefly, two advantages you』d get by using credit card issued by the American banks as followings:

  • Bountiful benefits
  • High returns

But I』d like to underline one important thing for three times before providing you with more information: spending rationally! spending rationally! spending rationally! Do not purchase everything without consideration after activating a credit card, which, actually, is heavily scammed by the banks and merchants!

Well, then what benefits does the owner of the credit card have in the US?

1. Shopping

Does the price cut after you』ve just bought it? It』ll make up the difference without specific reasons.

Does the thing be lost after you』ve just purchased it? It』ll return the loss to you without specific reasons.

Is it broken after the warranty has just been exceeded? Nothing! Extended warranty of the credit card is well-prepared for you.

2. Traveling

WFT? The flight were canceled? Go hotel with your credit card! Write off that with the card after you』ve back!

WFT? Why is the car insurance so expensive? Some credit cards save the expensive car hire by attaching themselves with vehicle damage insurances.

Oh shit! The checked box is broken! Find the bank on the left and claim it with your card.

3. Unauthorized Purchases

What the hell is this weird transaction? Why in Mexico!

Congratulations, you might have unauthorized purchases on your credit card. Spend several minutes informing the bank through online bank by fingering some clicks on the mouse.

Yes, it is really easy to deal with unauthorized purchases on the US credit cards!

You』re right. So willful the introduction is! Hahaha~even though it reads like a little bit exaggerated, the credit card can surely help you a lot in daily life there and save plenty of money for you~

Sounds great! It is amazing. Does any credit card can apply for that? Not really, hahaha. Only if the card was provided with that kind of benefit. And the airfare and car hire could be paid back only when you paid them with the specific credit card.

4. High Rewards

Except for the various benefits for daily life, high return of the American credit cards would be another reason that attracted you.

Lets shift to TV shopping mode!

Do you wanna try free flight? Do you wanna sleep in the business class of a international flight for free?

Do you wanna stay in a luxury hotel for free? Do you wanna stay in the luxuriant hotel beside Central Park of New York for free?

Wake up! It』s not a dream, really! I, myself, has been in the free business class for four times! Laying while flying toward home is just so cool! And the priority to board uplifts my self-esteem to a highest level! And booking business class for the visiting parents is a great way to show your filial piety.

What are you waiting for? Quickly make a phone call and apply for it! [Well, lets end the funny voice…

I didn』t brag for anythings I stated above. It is known for its high return of American credit card. No matter you are frugal or generous, the card can bring back to you so much that beyond your imagination. Generally speaking, you』ll receive a generous sign-up bonus when your credit card is activated. For example, hotel co-branded credit card gives its owner free nights as a gift and aviation co-branded credit card pays back lots of award tickets. The activation of credit cards can earn a free return ticket to China and free hotels. Why do we use a debit card?

What』s more, many credit cards will have high return during daily spending. For instance, purchasing with American Express grocery credit card will get 6% off, Discover It 5% cash back for quarterly rotation, and Sallie Mae 5% cash back in Amazon.

To sum up again, generous sign-up bonus is available for a credit card and high return can also be harvested during using it. It』s the same spending, but debit card get no returns. So why not credit card?

The purpose of being nagging so long is to briefly introduce to you some competitiveness of US credit cards. As for those who intend to take extra advantage of the banks, US credit cards has formed a enormous, interesting and well-repaid system. We will lead you step by step to these region and let you earn from it as much as possible!

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