Low-Key Luxury: Park Hyatt Doha Park Suite Review

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Doha is among the latest cities in the world to host a Park Hyatt in town. Considered as the flagship brand in Hyatt portfolio, Park Hyatt symbols a subdued sense of luxury and offers a cozy residential feeling. Opened in Dec 2019, Park Hyatt Doha provides a much-needed addition to Hyatt’s luxury footprint in the Middle East, particularly in Qatar.

During a recent short overnight layover in Doha, I decided to try this new property. First, it looks gorgeous on Hyatt’s website. Additionally, Hyatt is actively promoting new hotels by offering additional 500 points for your first stay there. I also checked FlyerTalk for some information, and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Stefan, PH Doha’s general manager, actually answered questions and followed-up on guests’ feedback online. Given the level of attentiveness of the management, I was very much looking forward to this stay.

A day before my arrival the Hyatt app showed my room had been upgraded to a Park Suite. On the day of my arrival, I landed in Doha pretty late at night, so some of the pictures below was actually from the next day. The main entrance, as usual, feels very muted. The Uber driver had heard about this supposedly luxury hotel, but nevertheless felt surprised about the lack of grandiose of the facade.

After passing through the main entrance, there was a security checkpoint where my baggage was X-rayed. This part of the hotel features very high ceiling, giving guests a fresh breath of air.

Having passed the security check, I went on to the elevator lobby.

The elevator quietly took me to the check-in floor, featuring similar styles of furnishing.

On the same floor you could find the restaurant, but I did not have the time to try it. So I just grabbed a picture of the restaurant entrance the next day.

Below is the hotel lobby. I really like the high ceiling and the way the lobby floor is decorated. Overall I find the design consistent with other hotels in the Park Hyatt portfolio, such as the extensive use of marble and wood. Yet, the geometry and patterns of decorative materials in Park Hyatt Doha clearly set it aside.

Just before the check-in reception there is a small area for afternoon teas or some casual reading, as if this is a study. The official name here is “The Library”. This is the residential feeling I have been talking about.

The check-in area was small. The ambience feels quite and relaxing. The staff who assisted me during check-in was extremely polite and considerate. She informed me of the upgrade into a Park Suite (wow!), and proactively asked about my morning departure details. Knowing that I won’t be able to have breakfast in the restaurant due to my early flight, she arranged in-room dining service. Later, this turns out to be free of charge for globalist to my delight. Just wow.

Below are pictures of the check-in areas from multiple angles.

After check-in another staff member escorted me to the room. He warmly welcomed my arrival and introduced the features of the hotel.

My room is at 14th floor. Judging by the number of floors, you can see Park Hyatt Doha isn’t huge when it comes to the number of rooms.

One of the three elevators quickly took us to the 14th floor. We promptly arrived at my room.

The picture of the living room below speaks for itself!

Right next to the suite door is a stand-alone restroom.

Overall I find the design well-thought-out. The lighting particularly creates a warm, calming sense of home. The huge TV to the right is perhaps the largest I have ever seen in any hotel worldwide.

The Park Suite does not feature a fully-equipped kitchen. Yet it has a separate dining area with several welcome fruit and snack, as well as an espresso machine.

Factoring into the water in the bedroom, I was presented with six (!) bottles of water in total. I know February in Doha isn’t too bad in terms of temperature, but nevertheless this is a nice touch.

The bedroom features a king bed and a smaller TV.

Underneath the TV is the drawer for hair dryer. It took me a while to find it. Now that you are reading this, it will save you probably five minutes next time you are there😆.

Next to the TV is the vanity. The wooden texture and the way it opens make it feel like it comes from the Far East.

By the window, a lounging chair with warm lighting makes a comfortable reading corner.

Turning out attention back to the bed, I always find the bedding quality to be excellent in Hyatt’s hotels. Usually Hyatt’s offering is significantly better than its competitors in the same league.

Two bottles of water were ready by the time of my arrival.

The bed uses lots of wooden materials for furnishing. The decorative pattern looks very beautiful.

Even the clock fits nicely into the woodiness of the bedroom. Plus the wireless charging function works perfectly with my iPhone X.

In each room there are some sort of art objects. They do not necessarily carry a specific meaning, but rather are abstract and though-provoking.

Below is the bathroom, which is humongous. The picture below well under-represents how large the bathroom is. To give you an idea of the scale, on the right it is a full-size bath tub. No joking!

The lighting of the bathroom is quite interesting as well.

The bathroom has a separate toilet and shower room, fully equipped with Le Labo toiletries.

Specifically it is Le Labo Santal 33 that is being offered here. As the name suggests, it has a touch of white sandalwood.

Here is the little decoration in the bathroom.

The wardrobe is also located in the bathroom, with essential amenities such as slippers and laundry bags.

Park Hyatt Doha offers a full suite of toiletries. I usually bring my own electrical toothbrush when traveling, because hotels in many regions do not proactively offer single-use toiletries (e.g. North America and increasingly many cities in China). This time however I put my toothbrush in my check-in luggage, so it is nice to have something handy.

Plus the wooden toothbrush feels right. What’s not to love?

I had a very sound sleep, but had to wake up just a few hours afterwards in preparation for my departure. Before 6 am my breakfast was ready. Among several options I chose the traditional Arabic breakfast.

After breakfast I took a quick glimpse of the outside. Here you could see the Doha skyline, albeit only partially.

I left the hotel around 6:30 am. Since it’s Friday, a Uber shuttled me back to Hamad International Airport in no more than 20 minutes. Soon enough I was onboard an A350-1000 with QSuite en route to Houston. That should belong to a different review, though.

All in all I was (and still am) very impressed by the quality of service at Park Hyatt Doha. From the active engagement with upcoming guests in online forums to the attentive care during the stay, Park Hyatt Doha sets up a very nice paradigm for others to follow. I would highly recommend this hotel for stays in Doha.

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