Getting Bigger Amex Bonuses By Calling In (Update: More Confirmed Info)


An trustworthy source shared some confirmed info about the bigger bonuses:

  • 150k MR for biz platinum is alive and currently active via targeted.
  • Begging, as per this article today, may work but only to 100k, the 150k will likely require actual proof of targeted offer.
  • On the blue for business plus 20k and 0% 18month can be obtained via the call in and beg method described below.

Hey folks,

Wanted to share a story from our friends at Doctor of Credit. They are reporting that you can get bigger Amex card signup bonuses by calling in. The exact process is:

  1. Call 1-800-971-6736
  2. Choose option 1, 「apply for a new card」
  3. A customer service representative will join. You can try directly asking for the offer, or makeup a story on how you had an RSVP code and lost it, and are trying to get the card now. You may have to provide name and address to see if the offer will show up.
  4. If they decline, hang up and try again later.


This isn’t guaranteed to work but we’re seeing data points on various sites like Reddit suggesting this can work. Note that this is *just* for new applications – if you recently got the card, they will not increase the offer. For the Business Platinum side of things, there are reports of a 100K MR offer you can get, and one reader on DoC has also posted about a 150K MR for $20K spend offer that they received. The 150K MR is unverified but here’s how their interaction went:

called 1st time (possibly 2x) – asking for 150k Biz plat. Declined – rep said offer not on file.
REP called op – offering him Biz plat 100k/$10k + BGR 75k/10k – op declined.
REP called AGAIN – offered 150k Biz plat / $20k

Lastly, here are our guides to the Amex Biz Plat and Amex Business Gold Rewards (BGR) cards. As you’ll see from those guides, VPN and/or the Incognito method may also work for you. As always, you’re never guaranteed an offer and there are posts of people who call repeatedly and get rejected. Please post below if you have success calling in!

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