An Experience at LAS Centurion Lounge


One of the great perks of the Amex Platinum is the free entry of Amex Centurion Lounge. There are not that many Amex Centurion Lounge by now, but Amex will definitely try their best to build them as their benchmark products. But seeing is believing, let』s us have a look at the Centurion Lounge of the LAS Airport!


The Centurion Lounge of the LAS Airport is just at the opposite of the D1 Boarding port, not far away from the big escalator of the Terminal D. They have a great facade, you can easily find it when you get there.

Entry of the Lounge need to credit your Platinum (or Black Card), and then verify your Boarding pass on the day, both departing/arriving are OK. You will see the main Lounge after you entering the door, it』s a big size room. With different kinds of seats, you will find the suitable Lounge no matter you are individual or a group.


The rest area.


Personal rest area.


From inside.


There is a small office in the innermost of the Lounge, There are computers, printers and different forms of office desks~


One of the highlights of the Lounge is that there is a Shower room, you need to inform the Reception beforehand if you were to use, they would open the door for you. 30 Minutes for each person, that』s enough~


The shower room here is really huge!

There are three sofa beds by the side of the French Window in the Lounge! It will be so cool to take a shower, eat something, and lying over there! The burned BA777 far away from the picture is looming to you…


It seems that the food in the Lounge of the US is all not that good…it』s much better for Amex to have hot food, the dining room is also comparable bigger.


The light is quite dark… My iPhone 6 is already doing its best.


I don’t drink, so I didn’t order drinks in this bar.

…some food pictures to show, close your eyes, ha ha~actually it』s good to have a fast food inside the Lounge


It』s very good to have a special children room!



Generally speaking, the space of the Lounge is fairly large. Resting and dinner is moderately good, and the population is also not that big as SFO Lounge(at least not that much when i was there), it』s really a good destination to go for the one who is waiting at the LAS airport! Don』t forget to use the welfare if you had the Amex Platinum~

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